085: Moving On

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Confessing the bad things I have done, I am not doing it for you. But for me. Only me. My reflections. So, no, your forgiveness you said you won't ever give is not required

I'm learning to let go, even though your shadow is still lingering. I'm still wondering whether you were my sweetest dream, or my nightmare.

If we meet again, I hope we have already achieve our dreams. The dreams that we have revealed when we spend hours daily on the telephone. The dreams that we discussed every time we met. The dreams that we shared when we slept together. Dreams that were not built on sand.

We may meet again.. But will it be for good? Or are we destined to stay apart? Will reconciliation benefit the both of us? Or will it destroy the dreams that we have built?

Will we ever find out?

084: Iqbal - Part II

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I can still tolerate Eee-bhan or Eee-bhal. But not Eeem-mwaa, Imran (wtf?), Akba, Iqmal (if you can pronounce this, then I don't understand how you can't pronounce 'Iqbal'), Eee-ma, and Shiva (yes!! I'm not kidding!! I've become a Hindu god!)

Children, let me teach you how to pronounce 'Iqbal' slowly...

Eeeeeeekkkk....... bhaaaaaalllll......