023: Hellusion

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Most probably I'll be there, just to support my friends' band. Don't ask about the other bands. All I know is that it's a metal gig, and every band will be playing metal. For tickets, call/msg me.

I'm feeling so lousy right now (why do my entries have to be depressing always?). I'm yearning for something. A craving that can only be satisfied by a flame. A flame so alluring, yet alien to me.

........ I'll save it for another entry (if I decided to write about it).

022: Thursdays & Fridays

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In the canteen, before class starts. Cheese tofu while testing my webcam. :-P

It's seems tough. The module yesterday I mean. Looks like no more last minute studying for me. Today's class was much more laid back. But since yesterday, I felt threatened. My classmates seems to be smart people who should be in a Degree course or something. Guess I'll take it as a challenge. Or maybe I shouldn't take it too seriously. *shrugs* Time will tell. But it was definately interesting. I look forward to classes now.

For those who are working, and planning to take part-time courses, my little advice: If you could choose the modules or days to go to class, try not to take back-to-back. Like Thursday & Friday, or Monday & Tuesday, etc. Go for Monday & Friday. If you have no choice, all the best then. It won't be that difficult. Won't be easy either.

Anyway, two of my classmates from the previous course is in the Thursday class. Won't be that bored maybe. Made a new friend yesterday also. And a few others today.

School will be alright afterall.

021: Back To School (Cheese Tofu, Here I Come!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Picture by ~mr-poo

Tomorrow I'm going back to school. Same school, different classmates (probably there are some i know from the previous one), different lecturers, different expectations. This term is kind of a last minute thing. Even the days that the class will be held seems awkard. Was supposed to start in July, but decided to go ahead with this term. I just feel the need to rush. And I'm craving for the cheese tofu in the canteen. Hope the sudden turn of event won't distract my studies, work and sleep (yes, sleep).

Been sleeping early for the past few days. Maybe not that early, but still earlier than usual. Even now I'm feeling a bit sleepy (it's 2300 HRS).

I'm hoping for something right now. But don't think I want to hold my eyes any longer.

I don't even know what to do when that something happens. So yeah, sleeping is a good option now.

020: Frustration Going Up To The Max

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photo by =asesinatuya

Life is not the way it used to be. Expectations running high. It won't stop running. I've been giving chase, leaving people around me. Then I find myself in a place where nothing else matters at all. Thought it was a place for me. I was definately wrong. But I just can't... I won't acknowledge it. I underestimate the risk. Overconfident. I hit and missed. Overconfidence.

So I went back, to people I have left behind. I've been gone for far too long. Afraid that they won't remember me at all. Some of them still do surprisingly. But they are all up so high, and I'm still at the bottom. Ironically, they live up to their dreams and expectations by staying there, while I was running away, chasing. Was I supposed to come back with glory? Seems I went the wrong way.

Now I'm struggling. It's getting more difficult each passing day. Now nobody will even look at me. Why would they? I'm a piece of trash, waiting for the cleaner to sweep me up. But I won't let him. I'll have myself placed in the recycling bin.

They can just wait. I'm coming my way. I'll have them know. And I'll give them something... Something to hold on to so they will not make me scrape from the bottom of the deep hole. I'll expose myself, and all I've witheld will come up to the surface.

019: Before "Cats: The Musical", There's "Aksi Mat Yoyo"!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Note: The title of this entry was originally by Hafiz Bastard via Facebook.


("Aksi Mat Yoyo" was a children's programme by the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC, now called Mediacorp as you all know). I was a fan when I was just 2 years old!)

018: Tired

Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo by ~dragy88

I've been very tired.... Since Monday..... The software giant needs to slow down, or else me and my collegues will die of overworking.....

But everybody is tired. You, you, and definately you (whoever you may be). So why do I keep complaining?

I lacked sleep..... And so do you....

I'm off to bed.... And so should you....

017: Cigarattes Smoke and Bedroom Lights

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Photo by ~ForeverTheNoose

Too much sleeping makes me hungry. I'd be scorching for food whenever I wake up from my precious sleep. And to spend the weekend sleeping might be a good idea afterall. I'm able to eat more and smoke less. I've made my bedroom a "No Smoking" zone. But if I spend the night watching movies, then that rule does not apply. :-P

Anyway, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web (WWW). For those who didn't know, the WWW was created by Tim Berners-Lee from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern). You probably know about this organization after reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. Yes, they do exist. And I can't wait for the movie next month. But first, I need to re-read the book (I don't know where is it now).

Any of you guys have it???
P/S: Interesting fact - Tim Berners-Lee has fallen prey to an online scam some time ago. The founder of WWW was cheated? Looks like we ALL need to be careful.

016: Eat, Sleep, Surf!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Photo by =katgiraffe

Blogspot must hate me. I hate big words, yet I am not able to change the text to a smaller fonts. Now I have to use some HTML code for these small words you see here.

Anyway, gonna spend my weekends eating and sleeping (most of em sleeping). Been eating McDonald's hotcakes for the past few days on my bed. Tomorrow will be no different.

It's going to be a lazy weekend. I wish for a lazy weekday. :-P

015: A Performance Even an Oscar Winner Can't Imitate

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Picture by ~liquidtheoryinc
Warning!!! : This entry may cause some to roll their eyes in disgust for the content that may seemed "explicit" or "emo".

It's the weekend once again, and I'm spending my time with the person I'm really in love with. I wanted to spend it only with her. But her little sister had to tag along, since her mother didn't know about us and all. We were at Toys "R" Us in Tampines Mall, and her sister were browsing stuffs for Mother's Day. How ridiculous, Mother's Day gift at Toys "R" Us? But there were stuffs for the mothers surprisingly. Me and her just stay outside, wanting to spend our time together, alone. I feel the urge to tell her my feelings, but afraid of rejection. She was talking non-stop about things that I can't be bothered with. I only wanted to express my feelings. She was so close to me. While she was talking like a hungry parrot at the bird park, I kissed her on her cheek. I can't tell the expression on her face. Stunned? Surprise? Shocked? I was waiting for a slap to land on my recovered acne skin. But something unexpected happened. She hold my two hands, and slowly, she hugged me. The hug was different from the ones I experienced before. It was not a hug from a friend. It was a hug from someone who loves you, and I could feel it. Took my chance, hug her back, hands on her bottom. A sense of accomplishment was felt, and I wished i could freeze time, so I could hold her longer.....

"Boy, EZ-Link or ticket please!"

Bastard! Where the hell did he came from? The bus is on the expressway for God's sake! Probably he alighted at Jalan Kayu. How could he disturb my morning sleep bundled with a romantic dream?! Gave him my EZ-Link, and tried to make sense of the dream earlier. The dream was so familiar. At first, I thought I had the same dream before. To my horror, I realised it was not a dream. It happened four years back!!! The dream was a reminiscences of my past. How can it invade my Dreamyland?

Loneliness is felt within me right now. It's been awhile. But Ms. Right is yet to be found. I added someone in Facebook/MSN a few weeks back. Sweet girl. Maybe I'll ask her out one day. Maybe. My self confidence has dropped sharply.

Now it's time for me to take it back!!!