015: A Performance Even an Oscar Winner Can't Imitate

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Picture by ~liquidtheoryinc
Warning!!! : This entry may cause some to roll their eyes in disgust for the content that may seemed "explicit" or "emo".

It's the weekend once again, and I'm spending my time with the person I'm really in love with. I wanted to spend it only with her. But her little sister had to tag along, since her mother didn't know about us and all. We were at Toys "R" Us in Tampines Mall, and her sister were browsing stuffs for Mother's Day. How ridiculous, Mother's Day gift at Toys "R" Us? But there were stuffs for the mothers surprisingly. Me and her just stay outside, wanting to spend our time together, alone. I feel the urge to tell her my feelings, but afraid of rejection. She was talking non-stop about things that I can't be bothered with. I only wanted to express my feelings. She was so close to me. While she was talking like a hungry parrot at the bird park, I kissed her on her cheek. I can't tell the expression on her face. Stunned? Surprise? Shocked? I was waiting for a slap to land on my recovered acne skin. But something unexpected happened. She hold my two hands, and slowly, she hugged me. The hug was different from the ones I experienced before. It was not a hug from a friend. It was a hug from someone who loves you, and I could feel it. Took my chance, hug her back, hands on her bottom. A sense of accomplishment was felt, and I wished i could freeze time, so I could hold her longer.....

"Boy, EZ-Link or ticket please!"

Bastard! Where the hell did he came from? The bus is on the expressway for God's sake! Probably he alighted at Jalan Kayu. How could he disturb my morning sleep bundled with a romantic dream?! Gave him my EZ-Link, and tried to make sense of the dream earlier. The dream was so familiar. At first, I thought I had the same dream before. To my horror, I realised it was not a dream. It happened four years back!!! The dream was a reminiscences of my past. How can it invade my Dreamyland?

Loneliness is felt within me right now. It's been awhile. But Ms. Right is yet to be found. I added someone in Facebook/MSN a few weeks back. Sweet girl. Maybe I'll ask her out one day. Maybe. My self confidence has dropped sharply.

Now it's time for me to take it back!!!

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