072: My 50 Albums of the Decade

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Click the above image to see all 50 albums!!!

The past 10 years have been great for music fans. We are fed with sounds filled with ecstasy that kept us hooked to our discman (early 2000) and mp3 players (2004 onwards). I believe the music from the past 10 years have shaped those who are in their twenties now. From rock to metal, hip-hop to pop, you name it. You could be consciously or unconsciously influenced by them. I know they have changed me. In a big way.

When we were younger, we have been exposed to only famous artists like Michael Jackson, The Cranberries, New Kids On The Block, Bon Jovi, Backstreet Boys, etc. Too much mainstream is definately bad for our soul. We will get so used to the same thing over and over again until our system can't accept music that are different from the 'norms'.

In our teenage years, we wanted to be different, and began to look out for new music that can relate to us. We dig the underground through the Internet for something different. Something unique. Something that says "we" in their songs. And we found it. I found it. And the rest... is history.

There are hundreds of albums (or even thousands) that I have listened to. Choosing 50 albums was tough. But I pulled through. :-)

071: Butterflies (In My Stomach)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Okay, I need opinions!

Based on my rants in this blog, do you think my writings are good? Do I have a strong or moderate command of English? And most importantly, can I write?

Answer A.S.A.P.!!!

Anyway, other blogs have pictures and stuff to tell readers about their whereabouts and all. Why don't I? I keep forgetting that I have a blog to 'showcase' all. Hahahax!!! Last week trip to the arts museum was great. Now, I want to go to the National Museum (there are having some Egyptian stuff and mummies going on). Oh, and here pics from last week. More in Facebook. :-)

070: Self Censorship

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I had typed out a long entry for this post, but decided to delete them all. Mainly because:

I'm confused
I'm not sure if it's me who's talking
I don't want to offend anyone
It's hypocritical (sort of)
I don't want people to start debating with me
This is a topic that have no conclusion
This is one of the four things that you cannot argue about: religion, race, music, politics

So I typed another entry. And again, I delete them all. This time round, it's because:

It's too personal (I need to let it out though)
It will strain friendship and ties will be severed
It will cause awkwardness
It may show my weakness

So... What the hell should I write on? Oh, I know! Maybe I can tell you what I ate for dinner?
(Chicken curry with rice by the way :-P )

069: Presenting = Hell

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I suck when it comes to presentations. I'm still a shy boy (wahahahahahahhax!!!). Maybe because I only know half of the people in there. I was shivering and mumbling like a train (yeah, fast mumbling.

This is what I've said, DIFFERENT from what I was PLANNING to say:

"Hey.. New artists have been covering songs from previous gene.. I mean, artists .. bands from the previous generation, as they are still relevant in this age, err... New generation... Kids in this new generation don't want to listen to the previous bands, because they think it's bullshit. For example, The Offspring... from California, covered the song Blitzkrieg Bop, originally by the Ramones. The song is about the German World War II.. in 1964 or something? (Shit, since when I failed history!) Also, heavy metal band Megadeth, covered Anarchy In The U.K. by the Sex Pistols, as they want to reach out to metal listeners... or fan or whatever, about the political situation, and still relevant (okay, it's not that relevant). Even Bob Dylan's song have been covered for the Live Nation concert, as his song is relevant to the thing.. Global climate... Global warming or something.. Now, I'm going to pass it to..."

Epic fail.

068: Confused State of a Metal/Punk Kid

Sunday, November 29, 2009

"I don't know why. I think I have high ego and low self esteem", I said.

"You're a confused guy."

Maybe I am. I don't know. I want something... big. I won't settle for anything less, because I don't want to be seen inferior. But I don't think I'll get that something, because I think I don't deserve it, or I'm not up to that level.

I want something, but refused to ask for it, as I don't want to be seen as desperate, and also, I don't think I'll get it.

I need that something, but I don't have the capital to initiate it, and it will be embarrassing if I showed that lack of resource, even if there are possibilities that I will get it. At the same time, I don't think I will get it, because I think I'd fail miserably.

This confusion has been around for quite some time (years even). I believe I could escape this madness if I have that one thing. But I'm unlikely to have it anytime soon, or worse, ever.

Discouraged. Heartbroken. Ravenous. Infuriated.

Faith? Can I spend it?

I'm starting to hate my life again.

067: Bored Upon Arrival

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The gig was managed by a bunch of idiots. I won't list down the number of screw ups they did before the gig, because that's not my problem. But as a ticket buying consumer, I'm going to COMPLAIN about the management during the gig.

First, they did not manage the time properly, or should I say manage the bands? The organiser was afraid to approach the bands performing on stage that their time was up. Pussy. Big fucking pussy.

Second, during the performance by WormRot. One of the crew wanted to tell the band that their time was up, but tried to scream from where I was standing. Of course they can't hear, stupid. And suddenly he was like, "Yelah, aku cakap tak nak dengar pe" (I wanna speak but you guys ignore me (something like that, I suck in translation)). You are supposed to go to the stage to tell them, douchebag. It's noisy, how to hear you out? You expect people to hear you every time you talked ah? Who are you man? Some high profile rock star?

Thirdly, they chopped off the time for the last two bands. I was waiting for Thy Fallen Kingdom (TFK) to performed. I headbanged my head off during their set. But, after playing three songs, the organiser told them to stop, because of time constraint. WHAT THE FUCK??!! What can't you just extend the time at the bar? So cheapskate ah? Fear of gaining little profit? Fuck you all!

One of the lousiest gig I went to. I could list down others stuff. But, I wanna go out now (HAHAHAHAX!!!).

066: Funny shit here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

065: Down With The Sickness (Probably)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Image by death-by-pizza via deviantART

I think I'm going down with a flu. The peril of not bringing an umbrella to work. It suddenly rained while I was eating my lunch. It was hot for a moment, and suddenly, BAM!!! Heavy shower with some streaks of lighting. I had to walk in the rain to get back to my workplace.

But before that, I had a smoke (and hoping for the rain to stop, or at least 'calm down' a little). A lady was approaching, and suddenly asked, "Do you want an umbrella?" She was looking at me. I took out my earpiece and ask, "Whose umbrella?" And suddenly a man was right infront of me. They seems to be friends, and I think I made a fool of myself, thinking that she was talking to me. But I SWEAR, she was looking at me! What the fuck! Why look at me when you're talking to another person. God dammit! That must be the most embarrassing moment of the year! Stupid stupid stupid!!!

Anyway, I don't like carrying an umbrella (unless I'm in a suit or something, I would make the umbrella a cool accessory). If I do carry one, I'll make sure it's black, with no stupid logo of some financial institutions.

I usually get sick once a year. But this year, it's been twice (not including the upcoming one). Is this the sign of aging? Wait.. I'm not even 25! And my body have been aching since "I don't know when". Shit..

I need a massage, and I don't know where to get it. Asked some friends, and was told of some places. Just when I was about to thank them profusely for the information, they added, "If you want extra, $50". Fuck that shit. I want to go to a massage parlour that DON'T offer extras! Legitimate massage please!

My back... Oh, my back...

064: My Lawyer Made Me Change The Title of This Entry (So That I Wouldn't Get Sued)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm going to complain more about "foreign talent". I never realized how this trend affect Singaporeans in a big way.

Until recently.

Now, foreigners not only hold those construction, cleaning, housekeeping (etc) jobs. In my office, there a few foreigners who can't speak English, yet, they are holding those desk bound position (jobs that many Singaporeans are looking for). One of them even gets citizenship after staying here for 4 years (he served NS by the way). And he is the only one who can speak English (very SLOWLY). The rest? The rest talked to me in their own language!!! How the fuck can I understand?

For housing, do you realized that Singaporeans are getting kicked out of their own house because they can't pay up their monthly mortgage? (Due to retrenchments, etc) Imagine, they have paid half of the mortgage, only for their house to be repossessed. Sure, foreigners can afford to buy a house here, because they have a JOB!

Don't tell me the history of our forefathers (who were foreigners). When they first came here, this little dot was NOTHING!!! They worked real hard, and made Singapore the way it is now. But the current immigrant? They are just enjoying the escape from their country here!

I'm not shifting the whole blame to these foreigners. The other half goes to the people who 'import' them here.

The future seems bleak for the original Singaporeans. I have made a vow, and that is to migrate if I can afford to (can you see the irony here?).

The mass communications field in the U.S. is wide, and I'm considering that option.

If "change" is coming, I refuse to believe in anything again.

063: Iqbal

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let me teach you how to pronounce 'Iqbal'.

Say: "Eeeek-bhal". Not "Eee-bhan".


062: D?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The outcome was bad. I got a 'D' for Advertising!!! The paper was easy!!! How the fuck I get a 'D'??? I'm not the only one though. Others are getting lousy grades as well (there is only a single 'B' and no 'A's!). So appeal we must! My first 'D'! Damn it! There must be something wrong with the marker. 8 full pages of answers not enough for you ah?

Anyway, I find it weird that every time I took the train with Aaron, funny things happen.

We were discussing about our next assignment (another 2500 words of crap, a drop from 3000), which is any topic related to Communication. I decided to do 'Communication in Heavy Metal' (typical of me), and told Aaron about one aspect of Communication, which is non-verbal (or maybe hand sign), and start showing the horns and the middle finger. "Stop doing that, you're embarrassing me!". "You mean this?", raised my finger mid-way in the air.

A couple with their two kids were sitting in front of us. The two little girl started to follow, trying to make horns and putting up their finger (no prize for guessing which one), imitating me. Fuck!!! Raised my hand to apologize, and the mum was laughing, "Oh, it's okay. It's okay" Aaron: "See, baaaad influence!"

The girls were cute though... Especially the younger one. She kept looking at me after we alighted (they drop at the same station) and going down the escalator. Cute little creature I'm telling you.

Talking about assignment... I can't find anything on Heavy Metal and Communication!

Time to find another alternatives I guess.

061: Offline

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 days of no access (my charger was spoilt) was not that bad after all. Well, massive boredom, but I survived. (Okay Mr. AC Adaptor, don't die on me again!)

060: Transitions vs. SunActive

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yes, I'm talking about the spectacles lens. I made a new specs last week, and I'm extremely unhappy about it. Previously, I used the original Transitions, and loved it. It changed colour fast, and I don't have to squint my eyes because of the sun's glare. Comfortably dark. Sadly, it was broken, and I need a new pair.

So off I go to an optical shop at Bedok, trying to score a cheap Transitions. The store I went to said there is a local version, called SunActive, and it's half the price of Transitions (Transition: $160, Made In France, she said). I thought the local version would suit me better. Come on, it's local! You would probably think that the manufacturer would consider how hot and bright it is in this sunny yet gloomy island.

I was fucking wrong!

It did not turn as dark as I expected. My eyes... My eyes!!!!! Arghhhhh!!!!!

How do you expect people to support local product when you make sub-standard product?!

I feel cheated.

Moral of the story: Get the original Transitions, dammit!

059: 'Love Letter'

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Ms. K*****,

I've been logging in to my blackboard since last week. However, the registration for my next term is still not available online.
This is not the first time that it happened. It is really time consuming for me to keep going to the Student Service Unit to register for my modules.

I am a progression student, and it is really frustrating to know that the new students are able to know the dateline for the module selection, and I was left in the dark. I hope this problem will be rectified, so that I don't have to go through the same ordeal next term.

I would appreciate it if you would help me to register for my modules. My particulars are as the following:

Name: Mohamed Iqbal Bin Mohamed
I/C: S85*****A
HP No.: 9814****
Modules chosen for next term: Human & Mass Communications (Mondays) and Social Behavioral Studies (Fridays).

There is a possibility that the modules that I have chosen are not on the day that I had expected it to be. If the timetable have been changed, please inform me.

Thank you.
Iqbal Mohamed



058: Cigarettes & Red Bull Part II: Journalistic War

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photo by DeathAndDisinfectant via deviantART

Our captain didn't tell us what to expect. Well, maybe some hints (which doesn't help). All of us were nervous, and my cell kept ringing from calls and SMSes from worried soldiers who were preparing for the same war as me. "Which class?" "What have you studied?" "I think I will fail!" "Where are you?!" and many others. I promised to be early for the war, but I was late. "Thought you are going to reach at 3?" Yeah, I know...

Entered the war zone, and everybody looked up to me as I leave my "ammunition" at the front. All that faces.. Stressful look, trying to figure out what they were reading. With two black pens and driving license as my weapons (okay, the license was for identification purpose :-P ), I head to my desk with a card that showed the number '8' on it.

It's a silent war, and everybody was scrutinizing and attacking their foes.

Before you attack your enemy, you need to learn their moves and strategy. So I flipped the paper and study the first page. There was a speech written, about some racial harmony night by some minister. I read it slowly...

Now for the attack. Write a news report on the article, assuming that you had received the speech earlier before the event. Need to use the inverted pyramid method of writing news, meaning, the most important message at the top.

What the fuck...? ALL the messages seemed important.. I decided to wrote from the conclusion of the speech as the main message.

Been told that media manipulation will be attacking us. I think all of us expected that. As I move forward to the other adversaries, I saw no media manipulation. Wow... We were screwed! What confronted us were bloodthirsty proximity, prominence, preparation of radio programs, etc.

"You got 2 more hours" The old war veteran announced.

Gosh! I took one bloody hour to write a news report? What?!

Delayed no more time and start my attack on Cyber Journalism, Journalism Ethics, and TV News Package. Halfway through the news package, the war veteran "barked" again, "You got one more hour left".

I have never spent so much time in any silent war. This is the first. Raised up my hair after I've killed my opponents, and saw another soldier, Aaron, leaving the war zone.

Aaron was sitting outside when I exit from the zone. All I can say was: "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!"

Waited for the rest of the soldiers outside school. Everybody was shocked from the war. "What the hell is standupper?" "What question you took?" "We were screwed!"

I believe there will be some victory in 1-2 months (when the result slip came out), but still think we lost.

There will be more wars coming, and we will prepare for the worst the next time.

Oh, another war tomorrow! More cigarettes and red bull please!!!

057: Cigarettes & Red Bull

Monday, October 5, 2009

Photo by ~zombiecup via deviantART

I'm preparing for my education war which will be happening later. Above are part of my preparation.

Journalism is a bitch afterall (or is it the lecturer?)

056: Omnipotent

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I had an 'educational' dream. A guy asked me what omnipotent means. I was trying hard to find the meaning, and suddenly, saw a Marvel poster showing all the superheroes displaying their powers. I showed they guy that poster, and woke up.

Think I've heard of that word before, but never knew what it meant. I thought my dream was giving me the wrong meaning of the word (as in omnipotent is having great power). But the dictionary agrees with it:

1. almighty or infinite in power, as God.
2. having very great or unlimited authority or power.
3. an omnipotent being.
4. the Omnipotent, God.

Wow... Wonders how does dreams work actually?

055: 10 Years Today

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today, my MSN/Hotmail email turns 10. Wow! 10 years flown so fast. Somehow, I regretted choosing an email address that don't define me now. Like, what the hell is imldr? (No, I'm not telling, not significant anyway). Should have taken my nickname (still using it now!). MSN Messenger is also celebrating their 10th year anniversary. Hmm.. Probably I signed up this email for Messenger? Can't recall.

And since it has been 10 years of the same email, how about a change? (I'm still considering though)

The Internet have changed (a lot!) over the past 10 years. We have seen many applications, sites, etc, came, and disappear before you can even say "Google". So here I present you, 10 sites/applications/etc that we used to love and adore. Without them we would probably die (at that time).

  1. Napster - The "God" of music sharing. Who dare say that you were against piracy and never use this application before? Bullcrap! Napster was the shit! Limewire is not even close to their level of greatness. The pioneer of music "sharing", they really make record labels go crazy over their dipping records sales (or so they claimed). Artists like Metallica (yeah, can you believe it, Metallica!) and Eminem start their boycott on the application. They have their supporters though, like The Offspring, who supported Napster and even gave out a million dollars (out of their own pocket) to a lucky downloader of their new single at that time (if you guys go to my MSN Profile, you can see the statement made by the vocalist, Dexter Holland. Shit, I have not edited my MSN Profile for 10 years?!). Download was fast too. It only took me less than 5 seconds to download a track. Probably because I was one of the few who uses cable, but still, it's like a speeding bullet! Napster still exist now. I recently surf my way in and try searching for songs that are rare (really rare), and they have it! But damn, it's only available to US residents! No fair! Where the hell am I going to get songs by Swallowing Shit or Craig's Brothers? Only they have it!
  2. mIRC - Okay, this thing is pre-1999. But who doesn't love IRC? I was hooked to it back then. Friends I made over there was awesome. But too much IRC is hazardous. I learn this the hard way. Redemption is on its way, but will it be enough? Who would have though that something you chose to do when you were young, will affect you when you are grown up? IRC still exist, but I guess nobody uses it. I got over it many years ago. :-P
  3. MSN Messenger - Do I need to elaborate further? MSN owns Yahoo! anytime!
  4. Neopets - Not everybody's favourite, but it was mine! It's like the advance/online version of the Tamagotchi or Digimon. You can raise cute (or ugly) pets and battle other users. It was my favourite, but somebody hacked into my account and stole everything!
  5. Alamak.com - Everybody's favourite, but definately NOT mine. Another chatroom thingy, and I hated it. Next!
  6. AudioGalaxy - After the "demise" of Napster, AudioGalaxy came to save the day! Another speedy application to download mp3, but you have to be smart though. Let's say you want to download a song by Joss Stone (Note: she was not around at that time), you will have to change the spelling of her name, something like Josh Stoney or something. Yup, smart people at AudioGalaxy.
  7. Friendster - Pioneer of social networking? It suck now. All repeat after me. "Friendster sucks!" But didn't we go gaga over it when it was launched? Very typical of us to abandon something after they are of no use. The reason was probably because of the lagging in that site.:-P Facebook would probably get the same treatment sooner or later. So why did NUS (yes, National University of Singapore) offers a new course on Facebook Programming? WTF? Graduate: "I graduated with a Degree in Facebook Programming" Prospect employer: "But we don't use Facebook anymore"
  8. MSN Gaming Zone - I used to play boring board games like checkers here against other online users. It was fun, and we get to build our own rep sheet or something. That was where I get my nickname, DemonChild (how the spelling changed to DaemonChylde? That's another story).
  9. Yahoo! - Admit it! We rely on Yahoo! solely for searching (some of you still do now). We don't Google it. We Yahoo! it! (Or was there another term for Yahooing?) Come on people, show some love to Yahoo! and search through their search engine once in awhile (I'm guilty of Googling too :-P )
  10. Blogger - How can I put this at the very end? Very inconsiderate of me! Was Blogger the first in blogging? I remember signing up for Blogger first, then switched to Diaryland. The reason I chose Blogger now is simply because they still have the blog that I used to write in, and Diaryland don't. I'm still figuring out the password for my old blog. What was it...
10 years flies so fast. Hope the next 10 will be a slow one. Please pretty please!!!!!

054: The Few Days of "Fame" Aftermath

Monday, September 14, 2009

From "Hot For Words"

A pleasant surprise awaits me when I log in to my StatCounter the next day after I post the previous entry. I received more than 300++ unique visits to my blog. I was like, "What?!". Didn't occur to me that it will reach that amount in just one day. Only after seeing the referrals link that I realized that a celebrity (whom I've never even heard of) came across this page!

She is Marina Orlova, a philologist, and an Internet star. She have a YouTube channel called Hot For Words, where she discussed the origins of words (with a high dosage of sexiness of course). Now, who would have thought that a smokin' hot lady like her possesed a geek brain? Her videos show her witty streaks and... Oh boy, words can't describe you babe. You're really too hot for words. (And now I'm a subcriber to your home page!).

She put up the link to my blog in her site, and you know the rest. Hundreds of visitors for the past few days. Woah!

Well, it's dropping though. My few days of "fame". LOL!!!

If only this kind of coincidence occurs every day. ;-)

P/S: Thank you Marina. ;-)

053: Ms. Hot For Words

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sketch by DanceMasterV via deviantART

On the way back from class
In a crowded train
Eyes looking through window glass
Saw a girl in blue hoodies
Black skirt and black glasses
"Varsity Blues" her hoodie says
Oh my she was beautiful
Geeky and nerdy
Yet so elegant
Yet so gorgeous!
Like a photography model
In a upper class magazine spread

She was reading a book
With much concentration
"Why Men Lie and Women Cry"
Read the cover of the book
Aaron said, "Go up and say 'Hi'"
But don't you know I'm too shy?
I kept staring at her
You can say that I was hooked
By her gaze on her book

A 'minah' entered the cabin
I realized she was staring at me
Well, Fuck you bitch!
You're not my type
If I'm interested in you
My brain might have a glitch

Aaron said,
"Let's give her a name!"
"Miss Nerdy Hoodie?" I said
Cracking our heads for a name
A name so beautiful
To fit her face

"Miss Hot For Words"
That would probably fit
Because she's so boiling hot
Even words can't describe

052: Deadline...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tomorrow is the deadline for my advertising stuff...

Die... Confirm die!

052: Train Conversations

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Photo by slacsatu via deviantART

Conversations heard in the train... Probably foreign worker.

Lady 1: *pointing to the MRT map* I've been to this station, this station, and that one...
Lady 2: Oh, I went to there and here and that one.
Lady 1: I also been to the purple line, to here and then there.
Lady 2: I also been here and there... and also here..

*Conversations continues for the next 10 mins. Same shit over and over again!*

Funny? Maybe not. But Me and Aaron had a good laugh.

051: Nostalgic Textbook

Monday, August 31, 2009

Or maybe the word nostalgia is not relevant anymore in this new cutting edge millennium (whatever I meant, :-P ). Old skool... Yeah, that's the term we use today. Old... Skool... Thanks to my classmate, KY, he updated his Twitter with the link to the above movie, The Teenage Textbook Movie. Damn, this brings back memories.

Maybe some of you don't know about this movie. Still too young? (They never play on TV meh?) Anyway, this movie was released when I was in Secondary One (yeah, 11 years ago). No need for me to be a reviewer and write what this movie is all about. All I will say is that it was adapted from the book The Teenage Textbook by Adrian Tan. He was an NUS undergraduate when he wrote the book in 1988 (correct me if I'm wrong, and no, I didn't type the year by mistake. Written in 1988). It's all about the life (or should I say, love life) of a bunch of teens in a JC and etc etc etc... It was one of the top grossing movie, beating some Hollywood flicks at that time.

The main star, Melody Chen, was cute, and still is. I saw her in my apartment's lift (yes, in my fucking lift!!!), and she got me all melting. With her tanned skin, she was hot!!!

Now I wonder... What is happening to the local movie scene? (Please, don't talk about Jack Neo please!) Now, when we think of local movies, those arty farty kind comes to mind. Okay, maybe there are a few commercial type like One Leg Kicking or The Leap Years. But that's it? (Don't tell me those chinese languaged titles, not counted. I need to read subtitles to enjoy it, which sucks). Give us more English language movie please! With no Chinese, Malay, or Indian dialogues in it!

The Teenage Textbook Movie was probably the first movie that released a soundtrack that only include music by local musicians and singers, which was cool. The song No More Tears written by John Klass and sung by Beverly (whatserlastname) really reminds me of my puberty years, :-P

Can anybody help me get the soundtrack please!


Lyrics taken from http://www.secretzreality.com/2008/05/teenage-textbook-soundtrack.html
Link to the song: http://www.imeem.com/people/wk9EHFz/music/BisyLuGJ/beverly-no-more-tears

No more tears
by beverly

isn't it amazing
how seventeen can be
isn't it so exciting
just like romance novel’s scenes

colourful pictures on the wall
always waiting for the telephone call
a cry in the dark
a broken heart
a first-time kiss
I've seen it all

I'm finally leaving
nothing left to fear
its so worth believing
I see it all so clear
its more than a disc or books
it goes on and on and on and on, oh yeah
this time I'm finally giving
no more tears

isn't just a wonder
how life sometimes turns out
wouldn't it be so perfect
if all things came without doubt

colourful pictures on the wall
always waiting for the telephone call
a cry in the dark
a broken heart
a first-time kiss
I've seen it all

I'm finally leaving
nothing left to fear
its so worth believing
I see it all so clear
this time I'm giving
everything I've got
wanna believe in myself
its more than a disc or books
it goes on and on and on and on, oh yeah
this time I'm finally giving
no more tears

050: An Evening In Journalism

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cartoon by ~EstudioSun via deviantART

Two evenings ago...

Lecturer: So have any one of you read Ali Baba before? Anyone? *pause* Iqbal?

Me: Err... I only read it as a kid...

Lecturer: Ya, but have you read the original version?

Me: No.

Lecturer: You should read it.

Me: I heard there's a lot of porn in the book.

Lecturer: Err........ I wouldn't say it's porn... There are sex ...

N: Is it true?

*Whole class starts whispering and talking among each other*

A: *whispers to C*- Is it past his sanity hour?

Lecturer: Well, it is about *tells the stories*... You should find it in the library

I got the class sex-cited. :-P

049: Entrepreneurship

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cartoon by ~psshaw via deviantART

Online businesses are all the rage now (or was that last year's news?). I chanced upon a Multiply site by someone who is selling her used stuff. And those stuffs are not the average consumerism product (or so I thought). Items for sale includes some Kate "I'm so chic wearing this bag" Spade, Victoria's "look at my titties" Secret, and even Bobbi "I'm ugly so glam me up" Brown.

The wonders of new media (they even have a new course for New Media in Republic Polytechnic! But lifespan? No one knows.). Starting up is a breeze. Register (a blog, Facebook, etc), set-up, yada yada yada (you should know the rest).

But thinking of what to sell? Ahhhh, now that's the challenge. If your closet is filled with junks that you barely use, then it will be easy. Just sell them off online! But what about the rest? Go D.I.Y. (create and design shirts, acessories, etc)? Buy something in bulk cheaply and sell it?

Usually, we will think of something cool and hip. That's when our imagination will go wild, and think of something that is near to impossible. And when you realized your creative ideas are not practical, then you will feel discouraged and stop thinking about it altogether, without considering any other options.

Some of my friends are doing these online business. One of them sells cakes (yum yum). Did I hear you say, "common"? Well, unlike some of us, she used something redundant to her advantage. I can't say her cake's design are creative (because I've not been in there for a long time), but she could use her creativity in those cakes. She probably experimented with her baking and came up with some new shit (oops, cakes and shit don't go along hand in hand huh?)

There are some who gave up though. Lack of site viewership? This is where web designs and layout comes in. If you have a website that looks like it belongs to an owner who just learned how to create a website (which most of them are anyway), then get an expert! Web design and layout is IMPORTANT! If your site is like this (my site in 2002), then you need serious help. People will lose interest and click the 'X' button on the top right if it's like that. I know I would.

I want to make money online too. Not through selling... through my blog! There is this application that let me earns some cash if the traffic to my blog is high.

So, how do I generate that traffic flow? Advertise? And what will be my 'selling' points? I'm too shy to advertise my blog (I don't even know where to start), and nobody would read it anyway. I wrote boring entries (and this is probably one of them). And that's because I've mellowed down. But if mellowing down 'rape' me off my chance of getting an extra income, then I guess I need to look deep inside my immature 16 years old's (I wish) heart, and start trashing and dissing other people (that's what they like to read nowadays).

Now... Would that makes me an entrepreneur?

048: ...and one of the shortest.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, before I forget... I got myself the new Killswitch Engage's album! Weeeee!!!!!!

Anyway, I think I'm........ Nevermind....

047: Probably the longest entry so far...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Photo by =anekdamian via deviantART

Today, I was being an arse. It was one of the worse day at work. I was rushing the whole fucking day! Got me tired and sticky (the air-con was not helping). And the stupidity of some people there... How the hell can I send a shipment to the U.S. when the address given was routed to Mexico? I was running around like mad. And left the place late!

But still manage to attend class though, with my blood temperature still boiling high. Maybe I was being mean to my group members earlier this evening.

I entered class a little late, and the second I entered, one of them said, "Hey, we are discussing the 2 questions on the slide". *points to the front* Some market segmentation and product positioning questions. "Determining your target audience..." was all I could said. I just arrived and was still sweating (the distance from the MRT to the school is not that far, but it's the heat I guess). Apparantly we were supposed to determine the different segmentation of the audience, and our group was arguing on what was right and wrong (I think I started it). And I've had it...

Me: *Raises hand* Sir, can you explain your questions again? I was late earlier and didn't get to listen.
Lecturer: Oh, you can ask your group mem...
Me: I don't think they understand what it's all about!
N: I do..

I can feel my group members looking at me, probably wondering what was wrong. And the person who replied "I do" really DO understood them. If I'm white, my face would probably be red.

Break time came and I had a smoke with "N". We had a serious discussion on our project. Intially, I was planning to do an advertising campaign for Apple. I was thinking of a huge campaign (which I have not discuss with them). But he was worried if we used Apple as a product to market, as it is a huge company with track records of good and effective marketing, and we probably could not think of a better advertising strategy than the ones they are having now.

It does make sense though. At first I was thinking of waving it off. I thought of just going ahead with it. We need to be daring, right Then I realised that the others were sceptical about it too.

*Two weeks ago*

Me: I've decided! We are going to use Apple!
A: Hmm.... Why Apple?

Same reply from the other one. I can see they were having doubts about it. Even awhile ago, they were still clueless.

*Last week*

W: I don't know what to think about Apple. I know peanuts about it.
Me: Okay, you guys seemed to be having doubts about this. If you guys have any other ideas in mind, PLEASE, tell me! I'm open to other ideas. Just suggest something. You guys got one?
C to W: From his face, it's obvious that he wants to do this his way. So I think we will just go with it.

Woah! What am I becoming? Is this me? I was being authoritative! For some reason, I'm really serious about this project. Competitiveness was one of them. And where the hell does this competitive streak came from?

I entered class before break ended, and I told the others that I want a change in product. We really can't think of any. The remaining time in class, I kept thinking about what we should use. Was cracking my head like the nutcracker (what the fuck siah?). And I suddenly came up with the most ridiculous idea.

Me: Ice-cream!
A: What about it?
Me: You see those teens who like to walk around while eating lollipop? We can try to make them eat ice-cream instead!
*All with puzzled look*
A: Ice-cream on a stick? Like Paddle-Pop...
Me: Yes! Paddle-Pop!
W: Well, I like to eat that.
Me: Then it will be great! You should know about it and all.
W: I only like to eat it. That's all.
C: What's so special about Paddle-Pop?
W: The taste! Like when you put it in your mouth, oooh... Orgasmic feeling.
*All looked at me in a weird way*

I was just fooling around anyway. Eating Paddle-Pop will never be the same again for "W". :-P

I was still frustrated though, as I could not think of any ideas. "C" probably saw my shit face, and say, "Iqbal really looked damn stressed tonight". "Ya, work was shit"

After class, "A", "C", and I stayed for awhile, and came up with a fantastic idea. Just need to discuss it with "W" and "N".

Can't wait for it! But should I apologize for my behaviour? Do they really noticed it in the first place?

*shrugs it off* :-P

It's 2 a.m, and I'm crapping in here.

046: "New On Facebook!"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

There is a new page in Facebook, and I think I'm hooked to it. It's called "Anti Minah & Kenings". Maybe I'll write about it next time (suddenly my mind went blank!).

045: Lucky (Not so...)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Checked my mail, and results are in!!!

I thought I'm going to fail my Public Relations module. I really screwed up on that paper. And I was hoping to get at least a 'D' for that crap module. Not something I'd go for, but at least it's a PASS. And was confident that I would get an 'A' for TVRP.

But guess what? I got a 'C' for PR!!!! Woooohoooooooooooo!!!!! Mr. ***, I don't 'hate' you anymore. :-P

But a 'B' for TVRP? Damn it!!! It couldn't be! Well, I studied two days before the exam for the paper, but still!!! How can I get a 'B'??!!

Must have screwed up on one of the questions... But which one eh?

Will never find out. If only they return the papers back, like in secondary school. :-P

In this new term, I promise I will keep last minute revision at bay.

*With the fingers crossed* ;-D

044: Missing you already...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got the news. You're gone. And I didn't get the chance to bid farewell. You left me without any warning. I never knew the relationship between us is going to be over so soon. My heart already knew that you are going to rock my world. And rock my world you did. But only for a moment? I thought our love was everlasting.

I wonder what would I give to have you here again. I want to go back in time to where we started. Hoping and praying that I would find a way to turn back time. I am willing to pledge my devotion for you.

Can you feel my agony? I'm longing for you.
Can you feel my misery? I'm yearning for you.
Can you feel my pain? My heart broke for you.
Can you feel my sorrow? I mourn for those who never knew you.

My heart still beats you name.... Cinnamon Melts...

043: Operation Failure

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photo by =birddreams

Work was crazy!!! I am currently attached to this place at Alps Ave. The guy that was supposed to be there had an accident, so I'm covering his place (somebody else tried to cover his place, and he couldn't do it). It was really a stressful place to be working in. Their procedures and protocol are different from mine, and I need to really get familiar with it.

The first week was okay, as I had a partner to help me out. But since Monday, I've been doing all the work alone, and everything was messed up. My desk was cluttered with invoices & manifests, stationery, labels, etc. And I need to rush, as I got deadline (or for my case, timeline) to meet. I got everything jumbled up that I screwed up for most of the days this week, including earlier today.

A shipment that was supposed to be sent to Anchorage, Alaska, was instead sent to Memphis, Tennessee (both U.S. cities). I have already alerted the relevant people. Hopefully, I was on time.

If the stupid thing really go to Tennessee, then I'll be dead on Monday (I'll be dead even if it goes to the correct destination, because of the documentation I had done). It will be a troublesome process. The damn thing will be sent back to Singapore, before going to Alaska.

E-mails will start flying, money will be lost, and I... ???

Better plan of a new strategy to avoid mistakes like that from happening again. If I can't handle something like that, then how am I going to survive if I get a new job later? Any new job that I will be taking, will be more demanding than this, probably 2-3 times more?

Need to learn how to handle stress and multi-task (the only multi-tasking that I'm able to do is eating while typing on my lappy with the cellphone on).

How do you office people handle this kind of stress??!!

042: Chaotic Week

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photo by ~redjoker321 via DeviantArt

What a week! I have not been sleeping well, due to last minute revision (myself to blame, I know, don't tell me). And the only subject I was concentrating on was TV and Radio Production. And the paper was great! Don't have to worry about that one.

But Public Relations was crap! Shit! How come no questions on 'propaganda' appeared??!! That topic was the one I concentrated like crazy, and the question didn't come up? The paper was shit, and I'm not the only one who said it.

But it's all over (for now), and enjoy my one week school break...

Wait... Don't think I'll be enjoying this coming week. At work, I'm currently attached to another location at Alps Ave (near Changi Airport Cargo Complex), and I'll be working alone!

Yeah, alone!

I don't mind working alone actually. But I can't work alone if there's a shitload amount of work! I almost screwed up big time last week (panic attack). But think I'm getting better at it, so I'd probably whine even more when I'm asked to leave that place (the guy who was supposed to be there had an accident, so this is a case of another person's misfortune, another person's gain).

I hope he will be on MC for two months. Hahahax! I'm not being evil, but you will still get paid if you're on two months' MC, so might as well he stay at home and rest, while getting paid.

Oops, I'm already late (for my Monster Hunter killing quest with my buddies!)

041: Halal

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Me: Woah! See that cute girl!!
E: That Chinese girl?
Me: Yup yup!
E: You don't mind a Chinese girl ah?
Me: Nope. Not at all.
E: You had a Chinese girlfriend before?
Me: Yup. Why? You don't date Malay boys?
E: I do.. My ex-boyfriend is 'Halal'...


040: Lost Opportunity

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sometimes I wonder whether there is such things as coincidence... Or was God really testing me? Maybe He's trying to test my patience.

But this time, things have gone too far... It's really unfair...

Something good better happen.

039: I'm A Monster Hunter!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have not been giving my lappy some lovin' since the past few days. Because I'm currently hooked to Monster Hunter Freedom 2!!!

I was in national service when I played the first installment. This game brings me and the others closer. We could link our Playstation Portable (PSP) and fight the monster together. We could barely survive if we played this game by ourselves. Spent one year playing this game with them, and after I ORD, the game was still not completed! Yes, it's that difficult!

Recently, Sufian and Shafari (both my NS buddies) restarted their Monster Hunter era . I couldn't resist the temptation of playing it again with them. So I bought a new PSP (my first PSP 'died' last year, and my 2nd PSP can't be modified).

The sequel is wicked!!! There's a lot of changes in this one. Lots of new monsters, weapons, armor, etc. Probably will take a year to finish it (I hope not). Anybody want to join us in our monster hunting missions?

They are releasing a new one next week. Monster Hunter Freedom United! Probably I'll just play the current one first... This game is time consuming. And exams is in two weeks...

Gotta control myself.

038: Final Edit

Friday, June 19, 2009

This is the final cut. Could be better, but we had time constraint. It's still cool I guess.

What do you think?


037: TVRP

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The shooting last Saturday went well. Here's my production crews. This was taken after a long day of running around. More pics in Facebook.

It was fun! The aftermath is horrible and chaotic (I'm exaggerating, what's new?). Proposal, scripting, scene-by-scene treatment. All the boring stuff, after we had fun.

The rough cut of the video is in YouTube by the way. But I'm not going to post it here yet. Just wait for the final cut (should be up by Thursday).

Anyway, I used to have Taek-won-do class on every Wednesday. Now my Wednesdays will be filled with a healthy activity again.

Going to gym. (Now that's new!)

036: Model? Me? Oh, I'm Flattered... NOT!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Last evening, I was on my way to meet my group members for our television production proposal and stuff. We will be doing an outdoor shooting this Saturday, and I bet it will be fun! It’s definately fun than the essay that I have to do for Public Relations. Anyway, while I was walking outside Bugis Junction (meeting was at the National Library), a lady approached me. Introducing herself as “whatever her name is” and “whatever the fuck company’s name” she’s from. Turn out she’s from the modelling agency, and telling me I could model for ads and stuff.

I’ve always known that these people are always scouting for “talents” at Bugis, and two of my friends have been approached by them before. But hell, those two are good looking tall guys! When did a 170cm ugly hardcore kid fit into that category? I’m not like the two actor and actress in the above video (it’s the new Killswitch Engage’s video by the way, quite emotional, and somehow it gives me ideas on what to write for my essay, even though there's no link between Killswitch Engage and Public Relations, :-P).

I know what they are after. My money! My friend once told me that these companies will ask you to pay a few hundred bucks for a photo portfolio, in order to let the clients choose. We will only be modelling when we are chosen. Now, whoever the fuck will choose me?

I know you are desperate, especially in this economy downturn. But please, choose wisely. You will mislead the ‘looks impaired’ people, especially the ones who really wanted to be seen in magazines and posters, but lack the ‘package’ (whatever the fuck that means).

The only package I know is parcels from the post office. :-P

035: No Halloween, But I Still Wanna Get These...

Monday, June 8, 2009

No, not the poster...


Me: Mama, look at these, nice right? Wanna get em'.
Mum: Ah??? Are you out of your mind? You call these nice?
Me: Nice what...
Mum: *sigh* All my sons are weird. You are no longer a small kid; you can get married already...
Me: Married?

I ask the wrong person, but I can't contain my excitement upon seeing those masks in eBay.

If I order all 9 masks, I'll be 900 bucks poorer ($900 includes shipping). So maybe I'll get only one?

And which one shall it be?

034: Engage! (I promise, no more Killswitch Engage. This is entirely different!)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo by ~Stratixfied

I received an SMS last week. It goes something like this, "Hi all, ***** (******) here. I'm getting engage next Sunday on the 7th of July. My address (insert details here)"

Well, he told me about it many months back. But damn! How come everyone is getting engage or married? Why??!! Don't go to the dark side!!! Not now! Wait till we are reaching thirty or something. After twenty-five at least!

Lucky for me, I'm currently hanging out with friends who don't have marriage in their mind (well, some of them are attached, so probably will hear some 'shocking' news sooner or later without any warning, and it will most probably start with engagement).

I got my dose of shocking news last year, when a friend suddenly decided to get married. I was like, "What the fuck?!" Not forgetting an ex-girlfriend who invited me to her engagement (invite me through her sister, expect me to come ah?). What happened to "Marriage? Not in my early twenties" philosophy that we used to have?

Looks like they are following their heart, and replaced the 'i' in Live with an 'o'...

Err.... I make it sound as if it is a bad thing, Hahahax!!! Nope, I'm not against marriage. It's just that every time I heard of engagements/weddings, it reminds me of how fast time flies and how much older I'm getting.

I want a cure to growing older...

033: "Reckoning"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Art cover from Roadrunner Records

I just put up the info about Killswitch Engage's upcoming new album yesterday. I've known about it for quite some time now, and suddenly feel like screaming about it yesterday (since it's only one month away).

But out of a sudden, I received an email from Roadrunner with the title, "Get A Free MP3 Of Killswitch Engage's New Track Now, For 24 Hours Only..." I rushed to download it. And boy, it was great!!!! And I'm one of the first in the world to listen to it!!! Awe-fuckin-some!!!! A few hours later, some people put it up on YouTube. Haha! I'm still one of the first, :-P

Now I really can't wait for their new album. They are my heroes!

032: Killswitch Engage Gonna Kick My Arse With Their New Album!!! (Hopefully)

Friday, May 29, 2009

From their recording label, Roadrunner Records

Been a Killswitch Engage fan since my NS days (2005), and at that time I was listening to their 2nd album, Alive or Just Breathing (2002). This is their 5th, and I can't fucking wait!!!! Release date: June 30th 2009. Wooohooooooooo!!!!!! It's a self titled album (Note: No Album Title). They already released a self titled album, why again? But fuck it!!! They never disappoint. Hope they don't start now, please!!!!

031: If Assholes Can Fly, Singapore Will One Day Become An Airport

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photo by ~Kjaeremandag

I was in the train last Friday, going home from class. I was dozing off when suddenly two China girl entered the cabin. They were running for the seats beside me. An old man was running after it too. He was about to get it, but the China girls was 2 seconds ahead. The girls saw the man, but ignored him. I was about to stand and gave him my seat, when he suddenly ran to the other side, getting a seat by the glass panel.

I have a lot of stories to share about these kind of foreign workers. I could even write a book about them! Fuck! I think the relevant authorities should give them a 3 months basic skills course to educate them about graciousness, cleanliness, etc. These are the things that the bloody foreigners should learn:
  • This is Singapore! You need to speak English!!! It does not matter how crappy it is, as long as we can fucking understand you! Don't speak Chinese to us, cause we don't fucking understand!!
  • If you wanna go get drunk, go to the beach or something. Not our childrens' playground!!!
  • Don't look at our girls/women in a weird way. The government legalized Geylang (Lorong) for foreigners like you!!! So go there instead!!
  • For the educated Indian national, don't treat our customer service staff like you treat yours in India. You may be treated like a God in your country, but here, you are just a CUSTOMER!!! A poor family's one room flat in Singapore could probably buy a mansion in your selfish country that prefers to launch a rocket in outer space than fighting poverty. You're like those selfish bastards! So stop your arrogance, and if you can't, go back!!!
  • Don't look at me as if I'm some kind of freak. You're the freak!!! So look the other way!
  • You want to chill out at Geylang (Serai), Chinatown, or Little India during the weekends. I understands. You have the right to enjoy life after contributing so much to our country. But please, stop making an arse of yourself!!!
  • When you're in a crowded place, don't fucking hold a stranger's shoulders!! I'm not your fucking friend, neither am I your fellow countrymen. Keep your fucking hands off me!!!
  • And the list goes on and on and on......
I realised not all foreigners are like these assholes. But if I think 65% of them are, then something is really wrong! I appreciate their help in building our country. Want to be fully dependent on our fellow Singaporeans? Cannot lah! We still need them (especially for the jobs we Singaporeans don't want to be in). And they really should go to some basic course on how to live in Singapore. And make this course compulsary for everyone, even the high class bastards! Then maybe the rate of inconsiderate foreigners will decline slowly, and Singapore won't be an airport afterall. :-P

030: Career

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photo by *amptone

The interview I went the other day didn't go well. Actually, I refused to join them. Not a career path I had in mind. They do offer a a high salary and some good remuneration stuff. But it's just not for me.

Some asked why I want to switch job in the current economy turmoil. Well, here's why:
  • It's getting boring each passing day (I'm good at my work)
  • I don't get recognition for the work I have done (from the higher authority)
  • I was promised something, but due to the economic downturn, they changed their mind
  • I want better benefits and remuneration package
  • My overtime was cut down (again, the economy's fault)
  • I want a career that is fulfilling
Am I too demanding? Anyway, when I was younger, I wanna be:
  • A lawyer (but my defination of justice differs from the state's law)
  • A teacher (my friends say i would turn the kids into DemonChild, like me)
  • An international rock star / metal head (my band is on a 'permanent hiatus', so looking for new members to start fresh, or bands that need a microphone terrorizer. Note: I growl and scream)
  • A doctor (but afraid that I'll be one of the first to get some new virus e.g the swine flu)
  • A vigilante (but I have no superpowers, or skills like The Punisher)
  • A rebellious politician (I doubt any government would want me in their cabinet)
  • An activist (but I can't earn much money through doing this)
But now, the only jobs that are vacant (and the ones that I never consider joining) are:
  • Driver (I still need to get familiarize with the local roads)
  • Sales Assistant (they don't hire ugly people like me)
  • Customer Service (communication skills needed, and don't think I have it)
  • Financial Advisor (too lazy to look for clients)
  • Auxiliary Police Officers (I don't want to work shifts, and I don't like to be in uniforms)
  • Waiter (don't expect me to hold the tray with one hand)
  • And the list goes on.....
I'm grateful though, that I still have a job. There are others who are jobless (some of them are my friends), and really need the bucks to survive. Maybe I shouldn't complain, but I'm human too! I will never be satisfied with what I have.

For those who are still finding a job/career, I wish you the best of luck. I hope you get it soon, cause you can't barely survive in this country without a job.

029: Discussions

Monday, May 18, 2009

Da: Maybe we could put some pictures of the disease or something.
Me: Ya, maybe we can put a picture of vaginas bleeding or anus rotting.
*Everyone laughs*
Da: Man, you're sick dude, ya know. You are sick.
Me: No no, I mean pictures of those things when you get STDs.
Sh: I think we put up pictures of infections on the body parts...
Me: That's what I meant!!!!
Sh: Oh, Hahaha!! You make it sound so pornographic.
Me: Well, maybe we can add some pornographic violence?

I searched for pictures, and above was the least disgusting that I could find. Go the the website for some vaginas or anus, I don't want to put it here as it may seemed that I'm promoting porn. :-P

028: Choice

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photo by ~shotgunxfabulous

*Phone vibrates*
Me: Hello?
D: Hello, Iqbal. C went to another group ah?
Me: Ah?? *puzzled*
D: Ya, she told me she is joining another group.
Me: Oh, I don't know about...
D: You don't know??!!
Me: Well, she didn't tell me about it. I left class immediately just now. Alot of people didn't turn up for class and we were separated into different groups for the current class stuff. Didn't know she's joining another group.
D: Then we are supposed to meet up this sunday right?
Me: Ya, you plan lah. If she wants to leave, let it be. She won't be of any use to us anyway.
D: Don't say like that lah.
Me: You just plan, and tell me the info for sunday later.

Well, if one person decided to leave the group, let it be. It's her choice. And I don't think I can work together with her. In every discussions, she just brush off my opinions, thinking she's smarter than me (in the end my opinion was always highlighted by the lecturer [not always, but usually]). Well, good riddance.

I bet the other members are panicking right now. Probably the were thinking, "Oh, the smart one left!" *Roll eyes* Puh-leez, she's not that smart! The reason she can relate to the module is because she's in the media itself! (Hence the arrogance) So what I'm going to do, is draw up a communication plan and a powerpoint slide first. If we are meeting this Sunday, then I'll surprise them with my draft. *beams*

Erm.... Just one day to draft the whole thing...

Feeling lazy suddenly.... Yawnzzzzzzzz..........

027: Heart Burst Into Fire

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo by ~lucaszoltowski

Well, Siti was right. "Something bad is going to happen", she said.

I was having some chest pain on sunday (too much smoke? Nah!!!!). It was unbearable. So went to the clinic, do some ECG, and voila! The doctor made me an appointment to the cardiologist at the hospital, because of some irregularities in my heart beat. Told my friend Siti about it (she's a nurse, so figured I'd ask her opinion) and she was shocked at first. But when told the appointment is in July, then she said, "Oh, then it's not serious". But she asked whether I was feeling any heartache, and say that if I do, something bad gonna happen. And it's not related to my health. I get what she meant. I just brushed it off, telling her, "Nah!".

Tuesday it got worse, so decided to go to the hospital after midnight. Just my luck, got myself a naggy doctor. Told him I'm not sure of the pain, and he starts making noise, telling me I should know and stuff. What the fuck! Long story short, another ECG taken, a blood test (and that was the worse blood test I ever gone through, ouch!), results analyzed, and the doctor told me there's nothing wrong with my heart. Phew!!!!! God was i relieved!!! But I still need to see the cardiologist though. Hopefully it all goes well.

Stayed at home (MC for 3 days), sleep, surf... Well, something DID happened...

Siti was right. Something bad gonna happen.... And it's not health related...

Heartache... Millions milligrams of heartache.

I wish I could type it all out here. I just... can't... I won't argue with those who have found happiness in what they do.

Genevieve once told me, "your entries reveal so much about you, yet reveal so little."

Don't think I want to reveal too much. Think I've been exposing myself in the previous entries.

Now, not only do I need to recover from my chest pain, I need to heal my heartache.

Good luck to that!!!

026: Communication Plan

Monday, May 11, 2009

Photo by ~aNdikapatRya

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is concerned with the increasing number of teenagers (aged 13-18) who are indulging in casual sex. This has resulted in an alarming increase in sexually transmitted disease and HIV.

My public relations firm has been approached to develop a communication campaign to create awareness among teenagers about dangers of casual sex. Explain what I would do in each of the following categories that relate to the structure and content of persuasive messages:
  • Drama
  • Statistics
  • Examples
  • Testimonials
  • Endorsement
  • Emotional Appeals

Now where do I start. My mind is filled with blanks. Been blank since yesterday. I can't think. I can't focus. It's like being in a four walled prison cell and trying to figure out how to escape. I only have 3 weeks to finish this.


025: Monkey Love In Slow Motion

Monday, May 4, 2009

I find this really cute. That's my 16 years old brother, and his girlfriend. Oh, boy! This pic is taken from his girlfriend's Tagged site (my brother forgot to logged out from the site [he used my lappy]). I browse through the girl's site, and saw more pictures of my bro. My bro left a comment, saying, "My pic lost its way here" and she replied, "No, you're a part of me". I was laughing like crazy!!!

I remembered my first crush. I was in Primary 3 (9 years old), and there's this girl by the name of Nazurah who sat beside me. We were always quarreling, calling each other names and stuff. And I liked her! She was cute and funny. I never dared to confess (yes, I've been a pussy since Pri 3, but that's for another entry) . 6-7 years back I get to know a girl, who happened to know her as well. She said the girl is now a sweet pretty headscarved girl, but sadly, I never get to see her. Even this friend of mine has dissapeared (after I pulled a nasty prank on her), and the next thing I know, she's one of the finalist for The New Paper New Face a few years back!!!! Sigh!! The perils of being young.

My siblings seemed to be lucky in love. Damn, why do I have to be the ugly ones in the family? My parents are good-looking people (hence the good looks on my siblings' faces). I'm the odd one.

I'm really the odd one. I'm the only one who needs extra aid for my vision (contact lens or specs). I'm the only one who listens to extreme music (metal, punk, jazzcore, symphonic, mathematic hardcore, etc). I'm the only who don't eat seafood (yes, even fish!).

But that makes me different and unique! Well, that's not a morale booster afterall. Someone once said to me, "You're dark... Different and unique. They want someone normal. Just be who you are, cause people like you don't come around often." Hmm.... Sugar coated words?

Another one (former classmate) said, "You're the last person that I want to speak to. You look weird, dark, and intimidating." Well, that comment doesn't go down well with me, but it's an honest one. The one that comes from the heart. I can see her reaction when she wanted to tell me that. She was afraid to say it. I'm glad she did.

Time for a change?

Nah!!! I'm too hardcore to be a gay metrosexual freak. Maybe I will when the right one came along. But I'll make sure she accepts me for who I am first!!!

I'm not going down without a fight!!

Errr.... This entry was supposed to be about my brother!!! I've written out of course!!! Maybe because it's 4 A.M, and i'm sleepy....

(If there's some spelling errors or stuff like that, sorry!!! I'm half awake!)

024: If I Were a Gangster...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photo by ~rodney3

There are some who thought that I'm a gangster when they first saw me. Yeah, I don't give good first impression. But heck no! I'm no gangster. And no, I have no tattoos (some ask me this question when they viewed my quiz in Facebook. Do the quiz dammit and find out yourself!!!). I've never read a gangster's blog before. Maybe some of them have one. Never came across it yet. But if I am a gangster, then this is how my blog entry will go...


Woke up early today (2 in the afternoon). I'm too lazy to wake up this early, but I have work to do. Me and my gang are going to beat up this guy who is flirting with my friend's cousin's classmate's girlfriend. Reached my towel, and when I was about to enter the toilet, my mum nagged non-stop about me not getting a job andd blah blah blah...

Why do I need to find a job? I'm doing great! I get lots of money through robbing the aunties, small kids, and some nerdy weak people who I think I can beat to death. And selling drugs generates a huge income that only those Degree holders can only dream. I looked in the mirror, and hated the empty spaces on my body. Need to get more tattoos. Girls dig guys with tattoos like me (Iqbal's Note: I've been observing this trend for a long time. How come those innocent/sweet looking chicks end up with them?). Will get myself inked when I have the money.

Meet up with my gang at Geylang. The guy that we want to strike works there, in some coffee shop stall. Long story short, beat up the guy, and leave. Then we separate, because some police were patroling the area. Why do the police have to be around? Scares the crap out of me!

Meet up with my bros again at night. We went clubbing, and I tried to score some hoochie-momma there. Bought a girl some drinks, and bring her to the hotel at Geylang to have some fun! Saw some police again, and I tried to look like an innocent bastard. Phew!!! Lucky they didn't stop me. Checked in to the cheapest hotel that I know, and the fun begins!!!

What a great life I'm having!


Not a life for me. Living my life in fear of the authorities is not in my fucking dictionary.