062: D?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The outcome was bad. I got a 'D' for Advertising!!! The paper was easy!!! How the fuck I get a 'D'??? I'm not the only one though. Others are getting lousy grades as well (there is only a single 'B' and no 'A's!). So appeal we must! My first 'D'! Damn it! There must be something wrong with the marker. 8 full pages of answers not enough for you ah?

Anyway, I find it weird that every time I took the train with Aaron, funny things happen.

We were discussing about our next assignment (another 2500 words of crap, a drop from 3000), which is any topic related to Communication. I decided to do 'Communication in Heavy Metal' (typical of me), and told Aaron about one aspect of Communication, which is non-verbal (or maybe hand sign), and start showing the horns and the middle finger. "Stop doing that, you're embarrassing me!". "You mean this?", raised my finger mid-way in the air.

A couple with their two kids were sitting in front of us. The two little girl started to follow, trying to make horns and putting up their finger (no prize for guessing which one), imitating me. Fuck!!! Raised my hand to apologize, and the mum was laughing, "Oh, it's okay. It's okay" Aaron: "See, baaaad influence!"

The girls were cute though... Especially the younger one. She kept looking at me after we alighted (they drop at the same station) and going down the escalator. Cute little creature I'm telling you.

Talking about assignment... I can't find anything on Heavy Metal and Communication!

Time to find another alternatives I guess.

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