045: Lucky (Not so...)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Checked my mail, and results are in!!!

I thought I'm going to fail my Public Relations module. I really screwed up on that paper. And I was hoping to get at least a 'D' for that crap module. Not something I'd go for, but at least it's a PASS. And was confident that I would get an 'A' for TVRP.

But guess what? I got a 'C' for PR!!!! Woooohoooooooooooo!!!!! Mr. ***, I don't 'hate' you anymore. :-P

But a 'B' for TVRP? Damn it!!! It couldn't be! Well, I studied two days before the exam for the paper, but still!!! How can I get a 'B'??!!

Must have screwed up on one of the questions... But which one eh?

Will never find out. If only they return the papers back, like in secondary school. :-P

In this new term, I promise I will keep last minute revision at bay.

*With the fingers crossed* ;-D

044: Missing you already...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got the news. You're gone. And I didn't get the chance to bid farewell. You left me without any warning. I never knew the relationship between us is going to be over so soon. My heart already knew that you are going to rock my world. And rock my world you did. But only for a moment? I thought our love was everlasting.

I wonder what would I give to have you here again. I want to go back in time to where we started. Hoping and praying that I would find a way to turn back time. I am willing to pledge my devotion for you.

Can you feel my agony? I'm longing for you.
Can you feel my misery? I'm yearning for you.
Can you feel my pain? My heart broke for you.
Can you feel my sorrow? I mourn for those who never knew you.

My heart still beats you name.... Cinnamon Melts...

043: Operation Failure

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photo by =birddreams

Work was crazy!!! I am currently attached to this place at Alps Ave. The guy that was supposed to be there had an accident, so I'm covering his place (somebody else tried to cover his place, and he couldn't do it). It was really a stressful place to be working in. Their procedures and protocol are different from mine, and I need to really get familiar with it.

The first week was okay, as I had a partner to help me out. But since Monday, I've been doing all the work alone, and everything was messed up. My desk was cluttered with invoices & manifests, stationery, labels, etc. And I need to rush, as I got deadline (or for my case, timeline) to meet. I got everything jumbled up that I screwed up for most of the days this week, including earlier today.

A shipment that was supposed to be sent to Anchorage, Alaska, was instead sent to Memphis, Tennessee (both U.S. cities). I have already alerted the relevant people. Hopefully, I was on time.

If the stupid thing really go to Tennessee, then I'll be dead on Monday (I'll be dead even if it goes to the correct destination, because of the documentation I had done). It will be a troublesome process. The damn thing will be sent back to Singapore, before going to Alaska.

E-mails will start flying, money will be lost, and I... ???

Better plan of a new strategy to avoid mistakes like that from happening again. If I can't handle something like that, then how am I going to survive if I get a new job later? Any new job that I will be taking, will be more demanding than this, probably 2-3 times more?

Need to learn how to handle stress and multi-task (the only multi-tasking that I'm able to do is eating while typing on my lappy with the cellphone on).

How do you office people handle this kind of stress??!!

042: Chaotic Week

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Photo by ~redjoker321 via DeviantArt

What a week! I have not been sleeping well, due to last minute revision (myself to blame, I know, don't tell me). And the only subject I was concentrating on was TV and Radio Production. And the paper was great! Don't have to worry about that one.

But Public Relations was crap! Shit! How come no questions on 'propaganda' appeared??!! That topic was the one I concentrated like crazy, and the question didn't come up? The paper was shit, and I'm not the only one who said it.

But it's all over (for now), and enjoy my one week school break...

Wait... Don't think I'll be enjoying this coming week. At work, I'm currently attached to another location at Alps Ave (near Changi Airport Cargo Complex), and I'll be working alone!

Yeah, alone!

I don't mind working alone actually. But I can't work alone if there's a shitload amount of work! I almost screwed up big time last week (panic attack). But think I'm getting better at it, so I'd probably whine even more when I'm asked to leave that place (the guy who was supposed to be there had an accident, so this is a case of another person's misfortune, another person's gain).

I hope he will be on MC for two months. Hahahax! I'm not being evil, but you will still get paid if you're on two months' MC, so might as well he stay at home and rest, while getting paid.

Oops, I'm already late (for my Monster Hunter killing quest with my buddies!)

041: Halal

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Me: Woah! See that cute girl!!
E: That Chinese girl?
Me: Yup yup!
E: You don't mind a Chinese girl ah?
Me: Nope. Not at all.
E: You had a Chinese girlfriend before?
Me: Yup. Why? You don't date Malay boys?
E: I do.. My ex-boyfriend is 'Halal'...