093: London Calling

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So here I am in London... It's almost 9 A.M. here, and I need to shower. It was cold last night when I arrived. Let's see if it's that cold during the day.

092: WTF Blogger / Multiply??!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is definately stupid. You see, I linked up my Blogspot and Multiply together, so that everytime I post something in Blogger, Multiply will import it. It worked well so far, no complaints. But I did not expect it to import posts from my 2nd blog too!

What was the 2nd blog for? Let me explain. I had an assignment, and I must create a blog for it. I gotta write over the course of a few weeks, before submitting the link to my lecturer. It's all done now. But today, I logged in to Multiply (hell, I have not been logging in for a long time!) And suddenly, I saw all the post for that blog in my Multiply page! Oh, the horror!!! I'm never going to use my personal account for assignments again!

Anyway, I have not been blogging for months! I have nothing to share now, because I'm drained. It's been tiring, I need a holiday..

Wait, I AM going for a holiday in two weeks! Woohoooo!!!!!