033: "Reckoning"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Art cover from Roadrunner Records

I just put up the info about Killswitch Engage's upcoming new album yesterday. I've known about it for quite some time now, and suddenly feel like screaming about it yesterday (since it's only one month away).

But out of a sudden, I received an email from Roadrunner with the title, "Get A Free MP3 Of Killswitch Engage's New Track Now, For 24 Hours Only..." I rushed to download it. And boy, it was great!!!! And I'm one of the first in the world to listen to it!!! Awe-fuckin-some!!!! A few hours later, some people put it up on YouTube. Haha! I'm still one of the first, :-P

Now I really can't wait for their new album. They are my heroes!

032: Killswitch Engage Gonna Kick My Arse With Their New Album!!! (Hopefully)

Friday, May 29, 2009

From their recording label, Roadrunner Records

Been a Killswitch Engage fan since my NS days (2005), and at that time I was listening to their 2nd album, Alive or Just Breathing (2002). This is their 5th, and I can't fucking wait!!!! Release date: June 30th 2009. Wooohooooooooo!!!!!! It's a self titled album (Note: No Album Title). They already released a self titled album, why again? But fuck it!!! They never disappoint. Hope they don't start now, please!!!!

031: If Assholes Can Fly, Singapore Will One Day Become An Airport

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photo by ~Kjaeremandag

I was in the train last Friday, going home from class. I was dozing off when suddenly two China girl entered the cabin. They were running for the seats beside me. An old man was running after it too. He was about to get it, but the China girls was 2 seconds ahead. The girls saw the man, but ignored him. I was about to stand and gave him my seat, when he suddenly ran to the other side, getting a seat by the glass panel.

I have a lot of stories to share about these kind of foreign workers. I could even write a book about them! Fuck! I think the relevant authorities should give them a 3 months basic skills course to educate them about graciousness, cleanliness, etc. These are the things that the bloody foreigners should learn:
  • This is Singapore! You need to speak English!!! It does not matter how crappy it is, as long as we can fucking understand you! Don't speak Chinese to us, cause we don't fucking understand!!
  • If you wanna go get drunk, go to the beach or something. Not our childrens' playground!!!
  • Don't look at our girls/women in a weird way. The government legalized Geylang (Lorong) for foreigners like you!!! So go there instead!!
  • For the educated Indian national, don't treat our customer service staff like you treat yours in India. You may be treated like a God in your country, but here, you are just a CUSTOMER!!! A poor family's one room flat in Singapore could probably buy a mansion in your selfish country that prefers to launch a rocket in outer space than fighting poverty. You're like those selfish bastards! So stop your arrogance, and if you can't, go back!!!
  • Don't look at me as if I'm some kind of freak. You're the freak!!! So look the other way!
  • You want to chill out at Geylang (Serai), Chinatown, or Little India during the weekends. I understands. You have the right to enjoy life after contributing so much to our country. But please, stop making an arse of yourself!!!
  • When you're in a crowded place, don't fucking hold a stranger's shoulders!! I'm not your fucking friend, neither am I your fellow countrymen. Keep your fucking hands off me!!!
  • And the list goes on and on and on......
I realised not all foreigners are like these assholes. But if I think 65% of them are, then something is really wrong! I appreciate their help in building our country. Want to be fully dependent on our fellow Singaporeans? Cannot lah! We still need them (especially for the jobs we Singaporeans don't want to be in). And they really should go to some basic course on how to live in Singapore. And make this course compulsary for everyone, even the high class bastards! Then maybe the rate of inconsiderate foreigners will decline slowly, and Singapore won't be an airport afterall. :-P

030: Career

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Photo by *amptone

The interview I went the other day didn't go well. Actually, I refused to join them. Not a career path I had in mind. They do offer a a high salary and some good remuneration stuff. But it's just not for me.

Some asked why I want to switch job in the current economy turmoil. Well, here's why:
  • It's getting boring each passing day (I'm good at my work)
  • I don't get recognition for the work I have done (from the higher authority)
  • I was promised something, but due to the economic downturn, they changed their mind
  • I want better benefits and remuneration package
  • My overtime was cut down (again, the economy's fault)
  • I want a career that is fulfilling
Am I too demanding? Anyway, when I was younger, I wanna be:
  • A lawyer (but my defination of justice differs from the state's law)
  • A teacher (my friends say i would turn the kids into DemonChild, like me)
  • An international rock star / metal head (my band is on a 'permanent hiatus', so looking for new members to start fresh, or bands that need a microphone terrorizer. Note: I growl and scream)
  • A doctor (but afraid that I'll be one of the first to get some new virus e.g the swine flu)
  • A vigilante (but I have no superpowers, or skills like The Punisher)
  • A rebellious politician (I doubt any government would want me in their cabinet)
  • An activist (but I can't earn much money through doing this)
But now, the only jobs that are vacant (and the ones that I never consider joining) are:
  • Driver (I still need to get familiarize with the local roads)
  • Sales Assistant (they don't hire ugly people like me)
  • Customer Service (communication skills needed, and don't think I have it)
  • Financial Advisor (too lazy to look for clients)
  • Auxiliary Police Officers (I don't want to work shifts, and I don't like to be in uniforms)
  • Waiter (don't expect me to hold the tray with one hand)
  • And the list goes on.....
I'm grateful though, that I still have a job. There are others who are jobless (some of them are my friends), and really need the bucks to survive. Maybe I shouldn't complain, but I'm human too! I will never be satisfied with what I have.

For those who are still finding a job/career, I wish you the best of luck. I hope you get it soon, cause you can't barely survive in this country without a job.

029: Discussions

Monday, May 18, 2009

Da: Maybe we could put some pictures of the disease or something.
Me: Ya, maybe we can put a picture of vaginas bleeding or anus rotting.
*Everyone laughs*
Da: Man, you're sick dude, ya know. You are sick.
Me: No no, I mean pictures of those things when you get STDs.
Sh: I think we put up pictures of infections on the body parts...
Me: That's what I meant!!!!
Sh: Oh, Hahaha!! You make it sound so pornographic.
Me: Well, maybe we can add some pornographic violence?

I searched for pictures, and above was the least disgusting that I could find. Go the the website for some vaginas or anus, I don't want to put it here as it may seemed that I'm promoting porn. :-P

028: Choice

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photo by ~shotgunxfabulous

*Phone vibrates*
Me: Hello?
D: Hello, Iqbal. C went to another group ah?
Me: Ah?? *puzzled*
D: Ya, she told me she is joining another group.
Me: Oh, I don't know about...
D: You don't know??!!
Me: Well, she didn't tell me about it. I left class immediately just now. Alot of people didn't turn up for class and we were separated into different groups for the current class stuff. Didn't know she's joining another group.
D: Then we are supposed to meet up this sunday right?
Me: Ya, you plan lah. If she wants to leave, let it be. She won't be of any use to us anyway.
D: Don't say like that lah.
Me: You just plan, and tell me the info for sunday later.

Well, if one person decided to leave the group, let it be. It's her choice. And I don't think I can work together with her. In every discussions, she just brush off my opinions, thinking she's smarter than me (in the end my opinion was always highlighted by the lecturer [not always, but usually]). Well, good riddance.

I bet the other members are panicking right now. Probably the were thinking, "Oh, the smart one left!" *Roll eyes* Puh-leez, she's not that smart! The reason she can relate to the module is because she's in the media itself! (Hence the arrogance) So what I'm going to do, is draw up a communication plan and a powerpoint slide first. If we are meeting this Sunday, then I'll surprise them with my draft. *beams*

Erm.... Just one day to draft the whole thing...

Feeling lazy suddenly.... Yawnzzzzzzzz..........

027: Heart Burst Into Fire

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo by ~lucaszoltowski

Well, Siti was right. "Something bad is going to happen", she said.

I was having some chest pain on sunday (too much smoke? Nah!!!!). It was unbearable. So went to the clinic, do some ECG, and voila! The doctor made me an appointment to the cardiologist at the hospital, because of some irregularities in my heart beat. Told my friend Siti about it (she's a nurse, so figured I'd ask her opinion) and she was shocked at first. But when told the appointment is in July, then she said, "Oh, then it's not serious". But she asked whether I was feeling any heartache, and say that if I do, something bad gonna happen. And it's not related to my health. I get what she meant. I just brushed it off, telling her, "Nah!".

Tuesday it got worse, so decided to go to the hospital after midnight. Just my luck, got myself a naggy doctor. Told him I'm not sure of the pain, and he starts making noise, telling me I should know and stuff. What the fuck! Long story short, another ECG taken, a blood test (and that was the worse blood test I ever gone through, ouch!), results analyzed, and the doctor told me there's nothing wrong with my heart. Phew!!!!! God was i relieved!!! But I still need to see the cardiologist though. Hopefully it all goes well.

Stayed at home (MC for 3 days), sleep, surf... Well, something DID happened...

Siti was right. Something bad gonna happen.... And it's not health related...

Heartache... Millions milligrams of heartache.

I wish I could type it all out here. I just... can't... I won't argue with those who have found happiness in what they do.

Genevieve once told me, "your entries reveal so much about you, yet reveal so little."

Don't think I want to reveal too much. Think I've been exposing myself in the previous entries.

Now, not only do I need to recover from my chest pain, I need to heal my heartache.

Good luck to that!!!

026: Communication Plan

Monday, May 11, 2009

Photo by ~aNdikapatRya

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is concerned with the increasing number of teenagers (aged 13-18) who are indulging in casual sex. This has resulted in an alarming increase in sexually transmitted disease and HIV.

My public relations firm has been approached to develop a communication campaign to create awareness among teenagers about dangers of casual sex. Explain what I would do in each of the following categories that relate to the structure and content of persuasive messages:
  • Drama
  • Statistics
  • Examples
  • Testimonials
  • Endorsement
  • Emotional Appeals

Now where do I start. My mind is filled with blanks. Been blank since yesterday. I can't think. I can't focus. It's like being in a four walled prison cell and trying to figure out how to escape. I only have 3 weeks to finish this.


025: Monkey Love In Slow Motion

Monday, May 4, 2009

I find this really cute. That's my 16 years old brother, and his girlfriend. Oh, boy! This pic is taken from his girlfriend's Tagged site (my brother forgot to logged out from the site [he used my lappy]). I browse through the girl's site, and saw more pictures of my bro. My bro left a comment, saying, "My pic lost its way here" and she replied, "No, you're a part of me". I was laughing like crazy!!!

I remembered my first crush. I was in Primary 3 (9 years old), and there's this girl by the name of Nazurah who sat beside me. We were always quarreling, calling each other names and stuff. And I liked her! She was cute and funny. I never dared to confess (yes, I've been a pussy since Pri 3, but that's for another entry) . 6-7 years back I get to know a girl, who happened to know her as well. She said the girl is now a sweet pretty headscarved girl, but sadly, I never get to see her. Even this friend of mine has dissapeared (after I pulled a nasty prank on her), and the next thing I know, she's one of the finalist for The New Paper New Face a few years back!!!! Sigh!! The perils of being young.

My siblings seemed to be lucky in love. Damn, why do I have to be the ugly ones in the family? My parents are good-looking people (hence the good looks on my siblings' faces). I'm the odd one.

I'm really the odd one. I'm the only one who needs extra aid for my vision (contact lens or specs). I'm the only one who listens to extreme music (metal, punk, jazzcore, symphonic, mathematic hardcore, etc). I'm the only who don't eat seafood (yes, even fish!).

But that makes me different and unique! Well, that's not a morale booster afterall. Someone once said to me, "You're dark... Different and unique. They want someone normal. Just be who you are, cause people like you don't come around often." Hmm.... Sugar coated words?

Another one (former classmate) said, "You're the last person that I want to speak to. You look weird, dark, and intimidating." Well, that comment doesn't go down well with me, but it's an honest one. The one that comes from the heart. I can see her reaction when she wanted to tell me that. She was afraid to say it. I'm glad she did.

Time for a change?

Nah!!! I'm too hardcore to be a gay metrosexual freak. Maybe I will when the right one came along. But I'll make sure she accepts me for who I am first!!!

I'm not going down without a fight!!

Errr.... This entry was supposed to be about my brother!!! I've written out of course!!! Maybe because it's 4 A.M, and i'm sleepy....

(If there's some spelling errors or stuff like that, sorry!!! I'm half awake!)

024: If I Were a Gangster...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photo by ~rodney3

There are some who thought that I'm a gangster when they first saw me. Yeah, I don't give good first impression. But heck no! I'm no gangster. And no, I have no tattoos (some ask me this question when they viewed my quiz in Facebook. Do the quiz dammit and find out yourself!!!). I've never read a gangster's blog before. Maybe some of them have one. Never came across it yet. But if I am a gangster, then this is how my blog entry will go...


Woke up early today (2 in the afternoon). I'm too lazy to wake up this early, but I have work to do. Me and my gang are going to beat up this guy who is flirting with my friend's cousin's classmate's girlfriend. Reached my towel, and when I was about to enter the toilet, my mum nagged non-stop about me not getting a job andd blah blah blah...

Why do I need to find a job? I'm doing great! I get lots of money through robbing the aunties, small kids, and some nerdy weak people who I think I can beat to death. And selling drugs generates a huge income that only those Degree holders can only dream. I looked in the mirror, and hated the empty spaces on my body. Need to get more tattoos. Girls dig guys with tattoos like me (Iqbal's Note: I've been observing this trend for a long time. How come those innocent/sweet looking chicks end up with them?). Will get myself inked when I have the money.

Meet up with my gang at Geylang. The guy that we want to strike works there, in some coffee shop stall. Long story short, beat up the guy, and leave. Then we separate, because some police were patroling the area. Why do the police have to be around? Scares the crap out of me!

Meet up with my bros again at night. We went clubbing, and I tried to score some hoochie-momma there. Bought a girl some drinks, and bring her to the hotel at Geylang to have some fun! Saw some police again, and I tried to look like an innocent bastard. Phew!!! Lucky they didn't stop me. Checked in to the cheapest hotel that I know, and the fun begins!!!

What a great life I'm having!


Not a life for me. Living my life in fear of the authorities is not in my fucking dictionary.