100: Digital Footprint

Monday, June 25, 2012

By now, I believe everyone have read about the school principal who comments on his former female students' Facebook photos, racist remarks by some girls, and so on. These cases are proofs that the Internet is not a safe place. It never was. You'd expect that people will be more cautious when pressing the 'Enter' button on the keyboard when transmitting messages on social media networks. Seems like that's not the case.

Probably because nobody ever alerted them about their blog, FB, or Twitter posts. When nobody nudge you to make you aware of your mistakes, you'd assume that it's alright. Bring on those insensitive status updates, tweets, or blog posts. It's alright!

Then one day, WHAM!! Somebody decided to screenshot your contents and make it go viral in STOMP, Temasek Review, or any other websites that have high daily traffic. By then you'll realize that it's too late. Everybody knows your name, how you look like, where you work and stay, whether you're married, etc. You're embarrassed, and decided to shut down all social media accounts and create a new one (that gotta suck).

The thing is, you cannot hide anymore. You've left your digital footprints on the Internet. Everybody knows who you are. The 'news' about your behaviour, comments, or kinky photos are circulating everywhere. Your only hope is that nobody in your circle recognizes you (I do wonder, did their circle of friends find out about their newfound fame? What was their reaction?).

Kids, be careful with what you post online. The byte highway is never safe.