095: Not Just Another Day

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It was a wonderful day, cooling and windy, but nonetheless, wonderful, without any hint of rain. You and yours friends or loved ones were spending some precious moment together. It was great to finally get some free time to relax after countless days of keeping up with schedule, running around to meet deadline, and all those boring stuff you did at work.

You were probably hanging out with your friends at a cafe, having a sip of coffee and savoring those sinful but divine cheesecake that was topped with some chocolate sauce and a half-sliced piece of strawberry. When the cake entered your mouth and landed on the tip of your tongue, you thought, "ooohhh, this is life". Great ambience, awesome friends, mouthwatering desserts, what else can you ask for?

The day was going great for awhile, but something was diverting your attention. At the far corner of your eye, you noticed a van. You turned to take a glimpse at it, because it was hauntingly beautiful. A van with transparent glasses, where you can see the content of the vehicle. Flowers were arranged around a big box, and you thought it belongs to a florist. Then you realized that the box was actually... a coffin.

That's when you were reminded that life is short. Too short that it will not even last a hundred years (unless you're one of those few lucky (or cursed) ones). You were reminded repeatedly about your mortality. Some days you just shrugged it off, and some days you reflect on your life. Today is not the day that you just sweep it under the rug. "What have I done so far in my life? Is this what I want? Have I achieved my dreams? Will I be remembered when I die?". Probably others will ask, "What will happen to my Facebook account? Will they post condolences on my wall? Who will manage my account to add old friends that I did not manage to accept? Will my blog be a relic for people to remember me by?".

This is cliche, but you never know when you will die. You wondered if you have fulfilled your dreams and responsibilities. Will it even matter? You're dead, and you only need to worry about what happen after your death. Will you become a ghost? Will you be facing God? Will you be in heaven or hell? Will your soul be transferred to another universe or dimension? Will you even realize that you're dead?

But do we even want to mull over it? It does gives me the chills. I don't want to die. I want to be immortal and still look like I'm 21. Wistful thinking, but I hope it will happen. If I'm still going to die, at least create the cure to growing older, please?