014: Thambi K Seaow - Sebab Saya Shotgun

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A really funny but creative song by our own local band. Though this video have been around for about two years, i just discovered it. Damn!

(Sorry, It's a Malay song. Might want to check out their English songs)

013: MacPeugeot CC

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo by *cobaltfan2
I've not been online for the past 2-3 days. I was frustrated that I couldn't even browse the network, because of some stupid problems with my lappy. Starhub couldn't solve it. And even HP was puzzled by the problem with my lappy. Last resort, went to Alexandra earlier for repair, and the bugger suggested that I recover my lappy.
Now... Why the fuck didn't I think of that?
Whatever it is, I still want a Macbook Pro, because I'm sick of Windows. My friend have been using his Macbook for 3-4 years. And it's not even called Macbook!!!! It's the older version, the iBook. And it's still running smoothly like a Peugeot Cabriolet, 'fresh' from the factory (my dream car anyway).
Okay... I want a Macbook AND a Peugeot CC. You guys can sponsor me the car. You guys just transfer me 100 bucks each month. If 10 of you 'donated' a hundred bucks each, it will totalled up to 1000 smacks. And with that 1000 dollars, i can pay for the car installment plus petrol. Maybe another 5 readers will pay for road tax, parking and insurance. No, you're not giving me the moolah for free. I'll be putting all of your name on the car itself (small font, visible when you're near the car).
Any takers? If not, then the Macbook Pro will do. :-P

012: The End of All Hope

Friday, March 20, 2009

Photo by *GothicNarcissus
I've been told, that hope is not lost. I'm tired of hoping. I know i have not been trying my best. But I'm one of those egoistical creature. The one who is afraid of losing face. The one who is afraid to be seen as needy. The one who is afraid to be seen as desperate.

Maybe I am overreacting. Or maybe I am moving way ahead. Maybe time will tell. Maybe, it's not the time.

All these maybes, they are an equivalent to hope. No, I don't want to hope anymore. It can be hurtful and disappointing. Being optimistic makes me expect a favorable outcome that won't happen.

Hope is indeed lost.


011: "Late" is My Middle Name

Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo by ~vlado

Congratulations to me!! I woke up a bit early today. But i end up taking my time in the toilet and dressing up. So I still end up late to work! Usually reach work after 0930. Today i reached at 0915! *Beams*

Errr..... That's nothing to be proud of actually. I was still late! I wonder what will happen if I get a new job, and still have this punctuality attitude in me. I've been having this "problem" since my teenage years. I used to work at the hospital, and was always late. My excuse last time were, "oh, I have some last minute thing at school". But coming to work one hour late on a sunday? What excuse can you give other than, "I woke up late!". And this carries on when i worked at the airport. Even worse, I reached work 90 mins late every day.

Things changed when i was serving National Service. I was late only a few times in that 2 years I was serving the nation. After that, joined the 9-5 workforce, and maintain my good habit for a few months. Suddenly, something magical happened... TADAAAAA!!!! Back to my old habit.

I'm a very excellent and productive worker actually. Since my teenage years. Maybe that's why I didn't get the sack from my superior. But that's no excuse. One day, they'd probably get irritated and give me the boot. I may be angry at their decision, but they have to do what they have to do. Indispensibility (got such word ah?) is definately no excuse for lateness.

I have been telling myself to get 3 alarm clocks, and have been forgetting to buy them.

What is wrong with me???

010: Sleep

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo By Mike Nguyen
I have trouble going to sleep at night. On weekdays, I would sleep at 0300 Hrs, and have to join millions of adults in the workforce by 0800 Hrs. But last night I only fallen asleep at 0700 Hrs and woke up at 1800 Hrs. I still don't find it enough. My body is feeling tired right now. And as usual, I can't fall asleep!
I've been late for work since the past few months. I really need to change this attitude and try to sleep before midnight. I tried. I end up laying on my bed doing nothing, for 4 hours, before falling asleep after 0300 Hrs. I ate a couple of painkillers last sunday. It does help me feel abit sleepy. But instead of going home straight after the Career Fair and a meal in Bugis, i end up hanging out with them till 3 in the morning. :-P
Think I have found the remedy. It's painkiller. But right now I can't find any. Doctors won't easily give you that pill. Damn!

009: Reach For The Sky

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photo by some[wh]air, All Rights Reserved
I was daydreaming in my friend's car earlier today. Not much verbal exchanges between us, probably because we always see each other and can't think of a topic. But there were no silence in the vehicle, Jean Danker and the roar of the engine filled the air. I got bored eventually and looked at the traffic. Saw my dream car on the road and I keep cursing myself for not getting a better well paid job. While thinking about it, my eyes roam to the buildings ahead, before it fixed itself to the skies. It was clear, and cloudy (shit, i don't know how to describe it). I think it's been awhile since i admire the beauty of nature. It's been awhile since i looked up in the sky! Our modern city is surrounded by tall buildings and... tall buildings! Maybe that's why i didn't looked up that much. Somehow, my mind seemed relaxed when I looked at the clouds and the blue sky. Guess I was too occupied to observe nature all these while.
Last weekend was the Career & Education Fair at Suntec City Convention Centre (yes, more high rise buildings surrounding the area) and it sucked. The economy is indeed THAT bad. There was only a few companies that was offering jobs, and one of them was the Integrated Resort. Damn. The rest was filled with private schools! Singapore has just been rated the 10th most expensive city in the world, and to see employment on the decline is upsetting. Hopefully it will recover before 2009 ends, though I'm expecting it to end in mid 2010.
If it get worse, I'll find solace in the sky (it will not help actually, but worth a try :-P).

008: To Decide Whether To Shave My Beard Is More Difficult Than Trying To Decode "The Da Vinci Code"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have been keeping my beard since early January (I think). Some people say it looked nice, some say it makes me look old, etc. I need to decide. but I don't know which one makes me feel or look good. Anyway, I had a haircut just now, and I learned a very valuable lesson:

"Don't go for a haircut if you don't know what style you want."

Right now, i looked like a geek from the movie "_____________" (insert any nerd/geek theme movie you have ever watched). I should have sticked to my normal spike and messy style. But i was being 'creative', asking for a trim here, a trim there, and so on. But the hairdresser was partly to blamed. If he is a good hairdresser, he would know how to cut my hair without me looking funny. It's his fault!

I wanted to go to the usual salon that I patronized, but damn her! Why must she always close her salon so freaking early?! I never knew her name, but she's a great hairdresser. She would suggest, and clueless me would always agree. And it will turned out great.

Now I really have to do some experiment with my hair, using some wax or gel. If all else fail, I'll prepare myself to be laughed at tomorrow.

Oh, wait! I have a cap! God bless whoever invented the cap (should be dead already).