009: Reach For The Sky

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photo by some[wh]air, All Rights Reserved
I was daydreaming in my friend's car earlier today. Not much verbal exchanges between us, probably because we always see each other and can't think of a topic. But there were no silence in the vehicle, Jean Danker and the roar of the engine filled the air. I got bored eventually and looked at the traffic. Saw my dream car on the road and I keep cursing myself for not getting a better well paid job. While thinking about it, my eyes roam to the buildings ahead, before it fixed itself to the skies. It was clear, and cloudy (shit, i don't know how to describe it). I think it's been awhile since i admire the beauty of nature. It's been awhile since i looked up in the sky! Our modern city is surrounded by tall buildings and... tall buildings! Maybe that's why i didn't looked up that much. Somehow, my mind seemed relaxed when I looked at the clouds and the blue sky. Guess I was too occupied to observe nature all these while.
Last weekend was the Career & Education Fair at Suntec City Convention Centre (yes, more high rise buildings surrounding the area) and it sucked. The economy is indeed THAT bad. There was only a few companies that was offering jobs, and one of them was the Integrated Resort. Damn. The rest was filled with private schools! Singapore has just been rated the 10th most expensive city in the world, and to see employment on the decline is upsetting. Hopefully it will recover before 2009 ends, though I'm expecting it to end in mid 2010.
If it get worse, I'll find solace in the sky (it will not help actually, but worth a try :-P).

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Genevieve said...

get a higher paying job!

'DaemonChylde' said...

I'm TRYING!!! *sniff sniff*