008: To Decide Whether To Shave My Beard Is More Difficult Than Trying To Decode "The Da Vinci Code"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have been keeping my beard since early January (I think). Some people say it looked nice, some say it makes me look old, etc. I need to decide. but I don't know which one makes me feel or look good. Anyway, I had a haircut just now, and I learned a very valuable lesson:

"Don't go for a haircut if you don't know what style you want."

Right now, i looked like a geek from the movie "_____________" (insert any nerd/geek theme movie you have ever watched). I should have sticked to my normal spike and messy style. But i was being 'creative', asking for a trim here, a trim there, and so on. But the hairdresser was partly to blamed. If he is a good hairdresser, he would know how to cut my hair without me looking funny. It's his fault!

I wanted to go to the usual salon that I patronized, but damn her! Why must she always close her salon so freaking early?! I never knew her name, but she's a great hairdresser. She would suggest, and clueless me would always agree. And it will turned out great.

Now I really have to do some experiment with my hair, using some wax or gel. If all else fail, I'll prepare myself to be laughed at tomorrow.

Oh, wait! I have a cap! God bless whoever invented the cap (should be dead already).

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