091: Another New Beginning

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 was a great year. Well, it may not be all smooth sailing, but it was an enriching year.

Earlier this year (or should I say last year), I was optimistic about what the year will bring me. I was close with a woman whom I fell for, spent most of the time together, stayed over her place and have quality time with her. We kinda shared many things in common.

Two weeks after my birthday, she decided to severe all ties, and I was lost. I was kind of depressed, and kept thinking about how to amend things. But it was really the end, and there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

Every dark clouds have a silver lining though. A couple of month after that, I was offered a new job. If she was still around, I would not have survived in this new company. You see, when you start on a new job, you need full concentration and no distraction. She used to call me every few hours, and that would have distracted me. So I left the company that I have been with for three years, where I did not received any salary increment or bonus. It was stupidity on my part for staying that long.

The new job was not merciful. It was chaotic, messy, and.. stressful? But I liked it. All my previous jobs were too easy for me, to the extend of insulting my intelligence. I have more responsibilities in that new job. The slightest mistake will cause the whole office to panic and start thinking of ways to resolve the issues. We ended up doing overtime, and getting back home late. Not helping either when you were preparing for your graduation project. I did finish my project though, and when the day for the presentation came, I was prepared. I even got an ‘A’ for it. It’s either I was lucky, or I’m really that damn smart.

Despite the piling workload, I was still prepared to further my education. A few months after getting my results, I registered for a Bachelor’s degree. Who would have thought that I would be doing a degree? I shouldn’t be gloating though. I’m just in the second term now, and there are still so much to do. Not forgetting that I have four assignments due soon, and I have yet to get started.

Back to the new job. It was good. Better salary. I even received a bonus! I’m still finding another job though. I need to do something I like. I studied mass communications for a reason. I want a job related to my field of study. I have to believe that I can get it this year.

2010 have been good to me. I need to believe that 2011 will be much better. Need. I will dispel any negativity and believe. Faith is all I have now.

These are the two words that I need to hold on to: Faith and Believe.