055: 10 Years Today

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today, my MSN/Hotmail email turns 10. Wow! 10 years flown so fast. Somehow, I regretted choosing an email address that don't define me now. Like, what the hell is imldr? (No, I'm not telling, not significant anyway). Should have taken my nickname (still using it now!). MSN Messenger is also celebrating their 10th year anniversary. Hmm.. Probably I signed up this email for Messenger? Can't recall.

And since it has been 10 years of the same email, how about a change? (I'm still considering though)

The Internet have changed (a lot!) over the past 10 years. We have seen many applications, sites, etc, came, and disappear before you can even say "Google". So here I present you, 10 sites/applications/etc that we used to love and adore. Without them we would probably die (at that time).

  1. Napster - The "God" of music sharing. Who dare say that you were against piracy and never use this application before? Bullcrap! Napster was the shit! Limewire is not even close to their level of greatness. The pioneer of music "sharing", they really make record labels go crazy over their dipping records sales (or so they claimed). Artists like Metallica (yeah, can you believe it, Metallica!) and Eminem start their boycott on the application. They have their supporters though, like The Offspring, who supported Napster and even gave out a million dollars (out of their own pocket) to a lucky downloader of their new single at that time (if you guys go to my MSN Profile, you can see the statement made by the vocalist, Dexter Holland. Shit, I have not edited my MSN Profile for 10 years?!). Download was fast too. It only took me less than 5 seconds to download a track. Probably because I was one of the few who uses cable, but still, it's like a speeding bullet! Napster still exist now. I recently surf my way in and try searching for songs that are rare (really rare), and they have it! But damn, it's only available to US residents! No fair! Where the hell am I going to get songs by Swallowing Shit or Craig's Brothers? Only they have it!
  2. mIRC - Okay, this thing is pre-1999. But who doesn't love IRC? I was hooked to it back then. Friends I made over there was awesome. But too much IRC is hazardous. I learn this the hard way. Redemption is on its way, but will it be enough? Who would have though that something you chose to do when you were young, will affect you when you are grown up? IRC still exist, but I guess nobody uses it. I got over it many years ago. :-P
  3. MSN Messenger - Do I need to elaborate further? MSN owns Yahoo! anytime!
  4. Neopets - Not everybody's favourite, but it was mine! It's like the advance/online version of the Tamagotchi or Digimon. You can raise cute (or ugly) pets and battle other users. It was my favourite, but somebody hacked into my account and stole everything!
  5. Alamak.com - Everybody's favourite, but definately NOT mine. Another chatroom thingy, and I hated it. Next!
  6. AudioGalaxy - After the "demise" of Napster, AudioGalaxy came to save the day! Another speedy application to download mp3, but you have to be smart though. Let's say you want to download a song by Joss Stone (Note: she was not around at that time), you will have to change the spelling of her name, something like Josh Stoney or something. Yup, smart people at AudioGalaxy.
  7. Friendster - Pioneer of social networking? It suck now. All repeat after me. "Friendster sucks!" But didn't we go gaga over it when it was launched? Very typical of us to abandon something after they are of no use. The reason was probably because of the lagging in that site.:-P Facebook would probably get the same treatment sooner or later. So why did NUS (yes, National University of Singapore) offers a new course on Facebook Programming? WTF? Graduate: "I graduated with a Degree in Facebook Programming" Prospect employer: "But we don't use Facebook anymore"
  8. MSN Gaming Zone - I used to play boring board games like checkers here against other online users. It was fun, and we get to build our own rep sheet or something. That was where I get my nickname, DemonChild (how the spelling changed to DaemonChylde? That's another story).
  9. Yahoo! - Admit it! We rely on Yahoo! solely for searching (some of you still do now). We don't Google it. We Yahoo! it! (Or was there another term for Yahooing?) Come on people, show some love to Yahoo! and search through their search engine once in awhile (I'm guilty of Googling too :-P )
  10. Blogger - How can I put this at the very end? Very inconsiderate of me! Was Blogger the first in blogging? I remember signing up for Blogger first, then switched to Diaryland. The reason I chose Blogger now is simply because they still have the blog that I used to write in, and Diaryland don't. I'm still figuring out the password for my old blog. What was it...
10 years flies so fast. Hope the next 10 will be a slow one. Please pretty please!!!!!

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