060: Transitions vs. SunActive

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yes, I'm talking about the spectacles lens. I made a new specs last week, and I'm extremely unhappy about it. Previously, I used the original Transitions, and loved it. It changed colour fast, and I don't have to squint my eyes because of the sun's glare. Comfortably dark. Sadly, it was broken, and I need a new pair.

So off I go to an optical shop at Bedok, trying to score a cheap Transitions. The store I went to said there is a local version, called SunActive, and it's half the price of Transitions (Transition: $160, Made In France, she said). I thought the local version would suit me better. Come on, it's local! You would probably think that the manufacturer would consider how hot and bright it is in this sunny yet gloomy island.

I was fucking wrong!

It did not turn as dark as I expected. My eyes... My eyes!!!!! Arghhhhh!!!!!

How do you expect people to support local product when you make sub-standard product?!

I feel cheated.

Moral of the story: Get the original Transitions, dammit!

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