097: First of the Year

Monday, March 26, 2012

I checked the total number of entries I wrote last year.

Only six.

It's not because I'm lazy to post anything, but it seems that most of my entries were based on memories. I kept looking back at my younger years, and compare them with my current life. It's pathetic. It shows that I wasn't willing to let go.

Of course, you must not forget the past, but to keep remembering them is not healthy either. I probably need some kind of closure to totally let things go.

First, I need to get a job. Yes, even with a Bachelor's degree, it's hard to get employment. Okay, maybe difficult to find a career in a related field of study, but I didn't resigned from my previous job to do something I don't want to do.

Second, be successful in that chosen career. Means going up the ladder, be indispensable, and respected in the industry. My social circle would have been wider by then, and it will be easier to disregard any beef I have with my past.

Thirdly, avoid people from the past who are generally negative. In order to move on, you need all the positive energy that you can get. So I'm avoiding people who are negative, dumb, narrow minded, and so on.

Fourthly, I need to write three books, or three short stories at least. They will be based on my journey from my teenage years. I've already decided on the titles, but haven't plan on when to start writing, lol!!

And (totally unrelated to the whole closure thing) last, but not least, I need another holiday (after a couple years of employment at least). Missing London, but my next trip will be Rome or Paris. Though planning on Phuket in the near future. But I don't foresee any trips this year. This is the year that I need to set my life straight, and I hope I will find what I'm looking for soon. Real soon, because I'm getting desperate each day.

Really desperate.

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