003: Ex-Con

Monday, February 16, 2009

Something interesting happened just now. I was walking towards a supermarket when a man (probably in his thirties) approached me.

He: I'm sorry bang to bother you, i'd like to ask a favour.
Me: (Nodding)
He: Can i have a stick of cigarette? I'm so stressed out now.
Me: (Nodding and pulling out my pack of fags)
He: It's been a long day. I have just been released for three weeks now, and i just got a job as a car-washer through the interview earlier. My cousin (or maybe friend, i forgot) was supposed to....
Me: (Interrupts) Do you have a lighter? (Hold out my lighter)
He: No, thank you. (Continues) My cousin (or friend) was supposed to fetch me but he's still not here. I've been waiting for somebody to save my life. Could you spare me a dollar for my bus ride home?
Me: (Smilling and reach my pocket)
He: Thank you very much. It's so difficult... (Blah blah blah)
Me: (Smiled and left)

I didn't expect this from an ex-con. I was expecting some gung-ho talk (and I'd definately shove my lighter in his arse and light up). Okay, don't tell me those "Never judge a book by its cover" bullshit. We are always judging people, even though we are no angel ourselves. If he is really changing into a new leaf, then I hope God will be with him.

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