001: Comeback Kid

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wooooohooooooo, I'm Back!!!

Back from where you may ask. Well, this is not my first blog. Probably my fourth.

But the first after 4 years (Yeah, that long).

Maybe some of you are wondering, "why bother?"

Well, i came across my old (and probably my first) blog. Can't believe my eyes when i saw it.

After many years, Blogspot still have not pull it down. Tried to log in but damn, forgot my password. And they sent my password to an email address which was already 'extinct' when i tried to retrieve it.

I had a good laugh, giggled and cover my face like a girl when i read it. It was created when i was 16. It was filled with high dosage of puberty and teenage angst.

I hope to laugh at myself again in another 5 years.

No, i'm not creating this page to follow the " trend" that kids follow nowadays.

I'm here to re-invent.

Reinvent myself.

Reinvent DaemonChylde...

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